Better Availability of Funds, Larger Withdrawals, Pricier Items, and Bigger Shopping Carts

August 31, 2013 by Scott Campbell

We just scored another win for any business needing an easier, better payment platform!

Security is important to everyone (especially when money is involved), and one tool we used to make our platform so secure are a few well-placed limits. Lately, we've implemented better security features, and as such we are able to relax some of the more inconvenient security precautions. For instance, the security limits on the maximum price of an item, overall shopping cart size, and withdrawal amounts & intervals. Now, better security has allowed us to ease these constraints.

You can read more about the new more relaxed limits on items and transactions here and on better fund availability here. At PayStand we do our best to make have the right security measures in place, while keeping things seamless for you. We hope these added changes is just one more small way we can make your life easier.

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