Multi-Level Variants Drop-down Options for Products

August 1, 2013 by Scott Campbell

One of the most frequently requested features is finally here; Multi-Level Variants for Products.

Multi-level variants, or drop-down options, allows merchants to set multiple dimensions of specificity to their products.

  • Clothes can be listed with their available sizes and their available colors
  • Accessories can have different add-ons and different styles
  • Ticket buyers can identify different days and different seating sections

Customizing variants is easy for each product. Start by editing the third section, "More Options", of your product. Make sure "Dropdown-Options & Variants" is checked, and you will see fields to enter the title of the option menu (e.g., "Size", "Color", "Event Date"). Then, give each possible value for that particular option. So if a particular option was "Size", you might give the values "Small", "Medium", and "Large". Once that is finished, you will notice each combination appears, with fields allowing you to enter the price (and even the inventory, if you've selected to manage inventory) for each combination. If a particular combination is not available, simply uncheck the "Active" box. If a particular combination has unlimited inventory, simply leave the inventory field blank. If a combination is Sold Out, leave the inventory at 0.

Multi Level Variants


If you wish to make things go faster, check "Automatically create variants" and we will fill in all combinations with the price you entered in "Setup Item" and the inventory you selected through "Manage Inventory" (above "Dropdown-Options & Variants"). Please keep in mind that each combination will receive that price and that inventory.

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