Recurring Payments & Subscriptions now Available!

October 28, 2013 by Scott Campbell

PayStand has released the much requested feature of Subscriptions & Recurring Payments. They are simple to use, great for all sorts of products and services, and our early-access users have already expressed their love of them!

Have a charitable organization? Establish a method for donors to give the same amount every month.

Have monthly or yearly dues for your organization? Members can pay anywhere your PayStand store is available.

Do you offer a "Product of the Month" subscription? Build an item for the subscription and send your customers fresh orders every month.

Do you want to charge a monthly subscription to your blog, release of new content or latest catalog? Set up a monthly service item and offer it on your blog, Facebook Page, website, Twitter stream and more.

Are you releasing songs at regular intervals? Build a digital "monthly subscription" product your customers purchase, and upload a new music file behind the URL every month. (not to worry - we can turn off individual customers' connections to that URL, if/when they choose to cancel their subscription).

And Billing, subscriptions, and recurring payments are critical for service business, such as...

  • Accountants, organizing ledgers on a monthly basis or annual (read: tax season).
  • Landscapers, taking care of the grounds regularly.
  • Web Support is an on-going service, even if it's just space on a server.
  • Consultants come in regularly to help train, organize, and improve.
  • Day Care is often a regular service, and what's better than a mother on Facebook recommending you to her friends.
  • Yoga Lessons feel great when, as a student, you come in regularly. Now, teachers can easily take payment where it's easiest.
  • Physical Therapists and Trainers will work with you months at a time.
  • Dog Walkers know what you know: Fido is happiest when walked regularly.

Are we missing a profession you know uses subscriptions or recurring payments? Do you know of a business in need of these? Tweet us, message us on our Facebook Page, or email us. We'll put it on here (and give you credit and a nice link to your business).

Here is how easy Recurring Payments & Subscriptions are to deliver through PayStand:

Step 1. Look in the "More Options" section while editing your item. Make sure "Recurring Payments" is checked.

Step 2. Select whether customers purchasing the item will be charged the amount monthly or yearly.

Step 3. Click "Save" and that's it! See - wasn't that easy? Now go share that new item with all your customers!

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