The PayStand App for iPhone is Now Available

March 22, 2015 by Jeremy Almond

Announcing the first all-in-one mobile app to allow credit card, check and Bitcoin payments


We’re pleased to announce that the PayStand app for iPhone is now available for download from the Apple App Store.

PayStand merchants can now take credit cards on-the-go, at the office or at brick-and-mortar locations for the same low rate (currently 2.49% plus 30 cents per transaction) they currently enjoy for online payments. Simply plug the PayStand card reader into your phone’s headphone jack, and you’re ready to accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover everywhere you do business.

Photo Check Capture

As with the Web version of PayStand, the mobile app gives you the option to pass through the credit card fees to your customer, and offer alternative payment methods with lower or no fees. The PayStand App includes a unique photo check capture feature which lets you use your phone’s camera to accept a customer’s check on the spot. The App performs instant funds verification on the source bank account, so you can confidently sell your products or provide services. The check capture feature is an affordable alternative to credit cards—0% transaction fee with a small fixed fee of only 0.25 up to $100, $1.00 up to $1000, and $2.50 over $1000. PayStand check payments are routed to your bank account within 48 hours, saving you a trip to the bank.

Easily Accept Bitcoin 

The PayStand mobile app makes it easy and secure to accept Bitcoin payments, making it the first point-of-sale solution to support the virtual currency alongside more traditional methods. To accept Bitcoin, merchants first link up their Bitcoin wallet, then select Bitcoin as the payment method for the charge. The app shows the amount in both USD and Bitcoin, and displays a QR code for the purchaser to direct their Bitcoins. The purchaser receives an emailed receipt with the transaction details, and the merchant can view the Bitcoin payment in their consolidated PayStand dashboard.


Paving the Way to 0%

“With our mobile app, PayStand is bringing the same ease-of-use, flexibility and cost-savings to retailers at the point of sale as we provide for online merchants,” said Jeremy Almond, CEO, PayStand. “We’re giving merchants a single dashboard for managing all their payments, and a path to zero transaction fees.”

PayStand merchants have been eagerly awaiting the release of the mobile app. "Using PayStand's mobile check capture, I can take checks on the job and get the funds much faster,” says Aaron from Perfect Glass. The app also brings nonprofits the opportunity to accept donations at fundraising events and out in the field for significantly lower fees than alternative solutions.

“Why should credit card processors take such a big cut off the top of a business’ revenues?” asks Almond. “By offering alternative payment options like check capture and Bitcoin which are zero-percent, we’re taking a big step toward our goal of eliminating merchant transaction fees.”

Learn more about the PayStand mobile app for iPhone, or call us at (800) 708-6413 to get started.