Top Software for Real Estate and Property Management Companies

May 24, 2017 by Kenzie Earle

As real estate and title services move into the 21st century, they are adopting more and more cloud software technologies.  These solutions help optimize service, collect information, share data and radically improve operations. There are a number of new tools on the market that are being adopted. Listed below are the most influential software companies for Real Estate Agencies:

  1. Zillow Premier

Zillow is essential in order to stay competitive in the market. This is the leading real estate website in the US with over 70 million visitors per month.  It is the hub for all listings and is one of the best lead sources for any person working in buying, selling or service real estate.  The agents that purchase the "premier" designation will be the only ones shown besides their own listings.  That greatly improves the chances of being contacted by interested parties. 

  1. Contactually

This tool is one of the many CRM systems on the market. However, it is used by many people in the real estate and title world because of its simplicity, ease of use, and automated relationship management tool. Establishing trust and quality relationships can be seen as the lifeblood of any business, but is especially relevant in the world of real estate. So, rather than just storing prospect contact information, the most attractive feature the CRM offers is the automation of follows up with prospects and helps to form ongoing relationships. 

  1. Placester

Website creation and maintenance gets confusing, time consuming and expensive. This tool is a key component to stay relevant in a digitally reliant world. The software mainly for building customized real estate websites. It helps agents easily build IDX-enabled WordPress websites to showcase properties.  It can be purchased for as low as $69 per year.

  1. DocuSign

Title transfer and real estate agents need their clients to sign on the dotted line.  However, the internet has mostly replaced fax machines and people are rarely near a printer if they are out of the office.  DocuSign allows online signature that are legally binding.  That makes it convenient and simple for clients and agents.  It also stores the documents in an easy to manage location.

  1. Dotloop

This tool is a document and task management tool that allows for an entire purchase process to be managed on a single site.  It helps guide you through a potentially convoluted process with a step by step formula. Eliminating human error and time spent is essentially saving you money.

  1. Zumper
    For the property management or rental agents, Zumper is an ideal one stop shop to get the job done efficiently. It combines the top features of competing software; you can count on Zumper to present your listing, perform background checks, process applications – essentially handling the due diligence that is required when scouting out the right tenant.
  1. Real Scout

Going through an extensive lead or prospect list to find matches for a listing is time consuming and tedious.  Which potential buyer would be a match for witch listing?  Real scout is a tool that lets buyers insert their own preferences into a database.  When you acquire a new listing, simply upload the specifics of that particular property.  The tool then does the hard work of matching up every lead and automatically sending the info to the best fits.  In fact, the software provides an authentic email with the info that appears as a personal note.  This greatly improves the response and conversion rate.

  1. Home Value Leads

Home value leads is a growing site that compiles home owners or potential buyers that are interested in learning the value of their properties.  They are potential sellers or buyers that often serve as great prospects.


  1. CityMaps

This tool is an online app that helps agents, buyers and sellers get a much better understanding of their community.  Of course it highlights the roads and local surroundings.  However, it also identifies the most popular sites in the area including shopping, entertainment and education.  It is purposely built for those that want to know more about the long-term assets in the community.

  1. Matterport

Taking the visual tour to another level, Matterport is an online 3D touring site.  This allows agents to provide a real-life walk through to clients anywhere in the world.  Whether they are down the street in an office or across the world, this site provides an intriguing interface for clients to dramatically improve their experience.  However, it is a little more pricey than other show sites.

  1. PayStand

We are looking to pave the way in order to have you focus on what you and your business excels at. PayStand not only digitizes all of your AR, we also offer a plethora of features that directly apply to Real Estate Agencies and Property Management. You can save a substantial amount in transaction fees and rid yourself of the cumbersome process that transacting via paper check brings.

We are in a digital age where it is wise to work smarter not harder. For more information, please contact us. 

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