Top Technologies Making Law Firms Impervious to Competition

February 22, 2017 by Kenzie Earle

Technology cannot take the place of strategy, ingenuity or initiation, but it’s getting to the point where it takes over on almost every other field of business. For instance, a group of law students at the University of Cambridge in the UK have developed what they call the world’s most advanced legal chatbot. Lawbot helps victims of crime by providing a preliminary assessment of their situation then guiding them through the process of what legal mitigation to pursue.

The chatbot currently covers 26 major criminal offenses in England and Wales and the developers plan to add others. Among the topics it covers are sex offenses; property offenses such as theft, burglary and break-ins; and offenses against the person such as injuries, assaults and psychological harm.

Though this is a brilliant example of how the legal industry is changing and progressing, it’s also an industry that has been proven to be very slow to crawl into the embrace of the proliferation of the internet and technological advancements. So on that same token, I’d like to offer up the top technologies specific to the legal industry making Law Firms impervious to competition;

Client acquisition automation:

There's a new player in the $173 billion legal services industry, and its initials are OLM - a euphonic moniker for "online legal matching." online legal matching has been around since 1999, when Legal Match of San Francisco started matching attorneys to clients based on key factors. The company is still a leader in its field today.

Sales software:

Acting as a law firm CRM, Lexicata is top runner and will give you the proprietary storage and funnel operations you need to run your firm seamlessly.

Cloud Storage: is a cloud workspace for law firms making it quick and effective to update your information from any location. Your in-house server is migrated to the cloud and the result is a simple, secure, and productive information management system.

Communications: is a great tool for external conversation. You can invite up to 8 participants to join the meeting and get a start on getting on the same page

Content (part 1):

SpeakWrite – A common refrain for a lawyer is not having the time to write. Speak Write is making it so that you don’t have to make time to write, only ramble. Record a quick 5-10 minutes musing or interview on a topic, send it to this service, and they’ll transcribe it for you. They specialize in legal transcription.

Content (part 2):

Wordpress – Even lawyers need to succumb to Googles e-domination. Google is constantly crawling the e-space to ensure sites around the world-wide web are providing relevant content in order to make a decent SEO ranking… and in order to be discovered in this day in age, a decent ranking is required. WordPress is a great online platform to host that content.


There needs to be some law and order to enable attorneys to stay focused on law and order… Trello – a great visual tool to enable your team to stay the course when it comes to time and project management. If you’re thinking about applying lean methodologies to your practice, this is a good online “Kanban Board.” 

General services:

Payroll can do significant damage to your firms ROI, especially when it comes to services that you can outsource. Ruby Receptionists – You’ll find these masters at efficiency at just about every legal industry trade show, and with more than $38 million in funding, you can count on their virtual-receptionist services being around for good.

Payment Solutions:

Last but certainly not least, to elevate your AR and enable your firm to pay the listed vendors with ease, is at your service, offering SaaS and digitizing your B2B payments. PayStand, an exciting company at the forefront of financial technology (aka "Fintech"), is transforming the way businesses digitally bill & pay each other. 

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