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Top Software for Insurance Providers

Insurance providers, carriers, MGAs, brokers and agents all need software to make the process of buying and selling insurance an easier process for all parties involved. In recent years, automation within the insurance industry has expanded to include digital options for the way the modern insurance consumer lives his life today. The most helpful software products for insurance professionals are ones that are rated highly in the areas of customer service, ease of use, value for money and features and functionality. Here are some of the latest innovative software products revolutionizing the insurance industry. 

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Kenzie Earle Kenzie Earle on August 10, 2017

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Twelve Cloud Technologies Changing the Property Management Industry

Property management is defined as the coordination of residential, commercial and real estate structures, including apartments, detached housing, condominium units and shopping centers. The properties are overseen by a property manager, who acts on behalf of the owner to maintain the value of the property while increasing profitability. According to 2017 statistics, the property management industry makes an estimated $73 billion a year. About 60% of residents in San Francisco, Boston and New York are renters and nine million households have become renters in the last 10 years, the greatest increase in housing history. The property management industry has been slow to embrace innovations in technology. But investors watching the market trends are spending huge amounts of resources in cloud-based property management solutions. With mounting pressure to embrace the digital world, property managers are looking for software that is innovative, effective and user-friendly. Cloud-based computing offers both a dynamic and competitive advantage. By eliminating costs from outdated servers and manual processes, along with providing real- time data and remote access, cloud-based property management software is scalable for the future. Listed below are twelve suggested cloud software to utilize for property management in the rising renters market:

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Kenzie Earle Kenzie Earle on August 3, 2017

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Top Software for Real Estate and Property Management Companies

As real estate and title services move into the 21st century, they are adopting more and more cloud software technologies.  These solutions help optimize service, collect information, share data and radically improve operations. There are a number of new tools on the market that are being adopted. Listed below are the most influential software companies for Real Estate Agencies:

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Kenzie Earle Kenzie Earle on May 24, 2017

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