Heartbleed Vulnerability Patched

April 11, 2014 by Scott Campbell

On April 9th, we completed several network security tasks, aimed at ensuring our systems had no presence of the Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160) vulnerability.

After consulting several network security authorities, we upgraded & updated our systems to ensure the vulnerability in SSL/TLS technology (given the name "Heartbleed") was not present in our systems. Subsequent analysis and security sweeps confirmed our efforts were successful. Our data (and therefore your data) is safe.

"What should I do, if anything?"

  • You should change your passwords. We know it can be tiring to always be changing passwords, but we highly recommend this activity as it defends against so many malicious characters (not just those attempting to use Heartbleed against your computer).
  • Enable two-step verification on any website that offers it. Google Mail and Twitter (to name two) both offer using two-step verification to log into their services. This is a fantastic precaution that'll greatly secure you from malicious hacks.

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