Offering Beta Access and Promo Codes to Web Developers

July 29, 2013 by Jonathan Beck

Ok, this post is just for you Website Developers, creators, and marketers… because we realize just how important it is to get you the tools you need to help get your clients up and running with online payments, stores, digital downloads, donations, shopping carts, social stores, social commerce, embeds, buy now buttons, and a whole lot more…

We are here to tell you about PayStand and what it is capable of, so you can easily use these powerful tools for your client projects (and even for yourself).

So what is PayStand?

We are working really hard to make online eCommerce and payments extremely easy and seamless for you to setup. We offer 0% processing fees to merchants, a free customizable WebStand page, a Facebook store where you can checkout directly on Facebook, social selling tools, as well as embeds and buy now buttons to put PayStand into your websites.

Our developer and social marketing partners rave that, “PayStand lets me do in minutes what usually takes me weeks!” Or how, “[PayStand], this is *$#*@! awesome, where did you guys come from?! I’ve needed this for a bunch of clients.”

How can you use PayStand for your Clients?

Our top advocates are from our developer community. We provide everything you need to get your clients set up for eComm, payments, or donations in minutes. Rather than setting up a merchant account, payment processor, ssl certificate, hosting, ecomm software/pluggins, social commerce, and other time consuming hassles… PayStand is an all-in-one platform. Either sign up your clients for an affordable monthly plan, or have your clients sign themselves up so you can use our easy integration tools, or get signed up with our affiliate program to benefit from every account added. Either way, use your billable hours to complete your projects with a solution you or your clients can continue to manage. Our system offers all the order management, receipts, and money management tools you or your clients will need.

Can you personally use PayStand too?

We want you to be PayStand experts and for you to benefit first hand – we offer developer coupon codes and affiliate links. Use these accounts to take online payments for your own business (add your link to your invoices), or as testing accounts to easily show what you can do for clients.

Special Developer/Marketer Offers:

Beta Access Link-

To request your coupon code or affiliate partnership link – email

We can also get you setup with an account specialist for a 1-on-1 free 30 minute PayStand training.

We look forward to adding you to our growing network of valued developers and marketers.

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