The Controller's Guide to B2B Payment Optimization

Learn How To Transform Accounts Receivable (AR) into a Strategic Stakeholder

Controllers, what if you could shift your focus from managing disparate, manual A/R processes to forecasting how the AR function might save the company money, speed up time-to-cash, and drive a more predictable capital plan?

The Paystand Controller's Guide to B2B Payment Optimization will show you how you can achieve:

Lower Costs: Swapping out the standard per-transaction fees for a fixed subscription fee reduces spend from the get-go.
Higher Customer Satisfaction: Customers are happier to do business with you when interactions are easier - especially as it relates to payments.
Faster Payments: Powered by blockchain, payment times drop from days to hours.

This guide will demonstrate how evolving your company’s payment strategy through truly digitized payments can transform the accounts receivable (AR) function from a head-down, tactical operation to a strategic business partner with a vision for change. Download the guide now to find out how!


Streamline Your Entire Accounts Receivable Flow