The Controller's Guide to B2B Payment Optimization

Learn How To Transform Accounts Receivable (A/R) into a Strategic Stakeholder

Controllers, what if you could shift your focus from managing disparate, manual A/R processes to forecasting how the A/R function might save the company money, speed up time-to-cash, and drive a more predictable capital plan?

The Paystand Controller's Guide to B2B Payment Optimization will show you how you can achieve:

Lower Costs: Swapping out the standard per-transaction fees for a fixed subscription fee reduces spend from the get-go.
Higher Customer Satisfaction: Customers are happier to do business with you when interactions are easier - especially as it relates to payments.
Faster Payments: Powered by blockchain, payment times drop from days to hours.

This guide will demonstrate how evolving your company’s payment strategy through truly digitized payments can transform the accounts receivable (A/R) function from a head-down, tactical operation to a strategic business partner with a vision for change. Download the guide now to find out how!


Streamline Your Entire Accounts Receivable Flow