The Most Versatile B2B Virtual Card

Instantly provision cards, create groups and cost centers, and control your company's spending in real time. 

It's the secure, automated payables solution for you and your teams, and it's available for free.

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Amazing benefits for you and your business

The Paystand Virtual Card is a prepaid virtual card. Once budgets are assigned to departments, each department head can create Virtual Cards for their expense line items. 

Each card can be tied to however expenses are managed (e.g. by vendor, expense category, etc.).

Cards are available instantly for online purchases
No Transaction Fees
No transaction fees

Paystand merchants accepting Virtual Cards from their payers will not be charged a credit card processing fee*

*Paystand Virtual Card fees will be reimbursed by Paystand at the end of the month during the trial period. 

Always Stay within Budget
Always stay within budget

Paystand Virtual Cards can only be created up to the assigned budget limit. You don't have to worry about overspending!

No credit check
No credit check

As a prepaid card, there is no credit check for the cardholder, making it suitable for your team members with one-time expense needs.

Speed & Flexibility

Real-time expense tracking

Provision cards for teams instantly and create groups to make budgeting easier. With Cost Centers, your teams control their spending and manage that assigned budget. 

Paystand Virtual Cards are created with customizable expense categories, which makes expense reports easily understood and tied to expense line items. 

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Comprehensive Security

Touchless & secure

The Paystand Virtual Card is prepaid debit card with a very low minimum ($10), so fraud risk is significantly reduced.

You can also manage different accounts to fund your Cost Centers and assign budgets. You can re-assign additional funds to Cost Centers or even create sub-Cost Centers to have better control of available budget.

You can assign Virtual Cards internally for your company or externally to work as a new virtual payment method for your merchants or company expenses.


How the Paystand Virtual Card works

Zero card step 1

Add and connect your bank account. Next, create and assign budget to Cost Centers

Zero card step 2
Budget Escrow

Funds are debited from the bank account. This process generally takes five working days

Zero card step 3
Cost Center Owner

Receives a notification when the funds are available for card issuance. Assigns new cards

Zero card step 4
Card Holder

Gets notified about the new Paystand Virtual Card and starts using it

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