Your customers can choose between bank debit or credit cards to pay you.

Accept Both Retail and Wholesale Payments, Right on Your Website.

Make every invoice payable online
Easily add a payment link to your client invoices, including PDF and printed copies. Your clients will be taken to a secure page on your website to pay you instantly. Accepting payments electronically cuts down on late payments and eliminates the dreaded "check is in the mail" excuse.

Fully customized payment process
We believe the payment process should enhance your business relationships, not get in the way. From simply customizing your payment gateway with your branding, to a full ERP integration using our suite of APIs, you'll be able to provide a secure and trusted payment experience. In just a few clicks, your customers can pay you directly on your site, without having to log in or get redirected to a third-party site.

Accept multiple payment types
Give your customers the option to pay by credit card or directly from their bank account using the eCheck Processing option— a faster and more secure alternative to paper checks. Still receiving paper checks? No problem. You can use Paystand for customers interested in paying you online, and sync the data with your accounting system.
Let your customers pay over time
Enable auto-pay on a monthly or annual basis with our Recurring Payment feature. Your customers can authorize an automated debit from their credit card or bank account, for a fixed or variable amount. With recurring payments, there's less work for your customers to pay you, and you get paid right on schedule.

Manage eCommerce and invoiced payments in one place
If your business sells both directly and to wholesale partners, you can use Paystand to power your eCommerce sales and your invoice payments in the same place. We provide a complete checkout and payment gateway for your site, as well as a private payment portal for your invoiced customers. 

Complete compliance and security
From PCI compliance to fraud monitoring, we handle the complexity involved with payment processing, so you can focus on what you do best.


"Paystand has really streamlined our billing process. We used to have two separate systems for retail and wholesale payments; one digital and one manual. Now we have all our payment data in one place, and are saving money on transaction costs as well."

PayStand for Medical Supply: Frequently Asked Questions

How is PayStand different from other payment processors? Unlike most payment processors who are simply reselling the merchant services of banks and credit card companies, PayStand is an independent, cloud-based software platform that gives you access to best-of-breed payment technologies and wholesale rates on fees.

How does PayStand save us money over time?We provide payments as an online service for a flat monthly subscription plan. Instead of being charged a percentage of all your transactions, you can dramatically cut costs with a fixed plan.

Can I use PayStand with our accounting software? Yes. You can add a payment link to any invoice generated by your billing software, and even add a dynamic “Pay Now” button to online invoices. It’s also easy to export and sync all your transaction data with your internal accounting systems.

Do I need technical expertise to add PayStand to our website? Not at all. Adding payments to your website shouldn’t require a redesign or IT resources. If you do wish to integrate PayStand with other systems, we make it easy with our suite of flexible APIs.

Is it secure for my customers to pay me through PayStand? The PayStand platform meets and exceeds finance industry regulations and internet security standards, including PCI DSS certified. By choosing an experienced online payment provider, you benefit from our expertise while minimizing your liability.


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