The Paystand AR Health Assessment is designed to give you visibility into your company's financial health.

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Three simple steps to a report on your AR strengths, areas to improve, and how you compare to your peers.

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Take a look at your results below for actionable recommendations on decreasing costs, improving cash flow, and building scalable processes.

AR Cost grade details

Accounts Receivable costs are a key factor in determining your overall AR health. Measuring the amount you spend on basic AR functions and comparing those costs against key revenue metrics provides insight into the efficiency of your finance operations.

Cash Flow grade details

Understanding cash flow can help determine the effectiveness of your collection efforts and the overall efficiency of your revenue-to-cash cycle, as well as provide indicators for future health.


Late receivables benchmark

Scalability grade details

The scalability of your AR operation is a key component of overall health. It measures the agility and readiness of your business to adapt to sudden changes in volume, payments, or economic conditions.

Manual to Automation Spectrum

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