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Introducing Payments as a Service

The world’s first All-Inclusive Payments Solution with No Transaction Markup and No Hidden Charges.

Save 10% - 20% with yearly plans
Transaction Fee
Multiple Payment Types
Website Integrations
Items / Products
Images Per Item
Cart Checkout Limit
File Storage
Variants (Dropdowns)
Branding & Checkout
Automatic Withdrawals
Real Support
Easy eCommerce Tools
Recurring / Subscriptions
Multiple Admins
Quickbooks Connections
$ 49 /MO
Credit Cards, eCheck, eCash
Buy buttons, embeds, links
1 Level (with multi-options)
Phone + Email
Great Value
$ 99 /MO
Credit Cards, eCheck, eCash
+ Cart Plugins
2 Levels
+ Personal Success Rep
Most Popular
$ 299 /MO
Credit Cards, eCheck, eCash
3+ Levels
+ Full Control
+ Success Team
API Ready
Most Feature Loaded
Do you have more than 100,000 customers?
Starting at $3000
Looking to get started accepting payments?
$ 24 /MO
Payments Starter

Always Included

We thought we’d start by giving you everything

Direct 1-Click Website Checkout
Free Merchant Account
Maintain Your Branding
eCommerce Platform Included
0% Transaction Rates
Payment Processing Included
No 3rd Party Memberships to Pay
Free WebStand Page
Accept All Major Credit Cards
Unlimited Bandwidth
Buy Buttons
Smart Cart Memory
Accept eCheck & eCash
No Hosting Fees
Website Integrations
Inventory Tracking
0% Bitcoin Fees
No Listing Fees
Social Commerce
Catalog & Categories
0% eCheck (Forgo $0.25)
Free & Simple Setup
Digital Download Items
Order Management
Forgo Credit Card Fees
Mobile & Tablet Ready
Payment & Donation Items
Professional Reporting
Accept International Payments
No Daily Processing Limits
Free Facebook App
Real US Customer Success Reps!

Questions. Answers.

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No Transaction Markup, No Hidden Fees.

We hate fees. We don’t penalize you for success by whacking you with fees every time you make a sale. PayStand’s mantra is to give our community the most savings possible. We do this by giving you everything you need at one low cost, and by enabling you to never have to pay transaction fees again. PayStand keeps our pricing straightforward, predictable, and transparent.

What else do I need to get to accept payments online?

No other services are needed. Complicated online payments are a thing of the past. PayStand gives you everything you would have needed - now in one neat low-cost package. You get your merchant account, payment processor, modern checkout solution, eCommerce software, hosting, top online security, order management software, inventory tracking tools, social receipts, social commerce app, a free WebStand page, and many other features you’d normally have to individually pay for and set up (yuck!).

What is Payment Processing Flexibility (PPF) with 0% fees to merchants?

Every PayStand supports direct checkout with all major credit cards, eCheck, and eCash. Unfortunately credit card networks charge an interchange rate to use their networks. However PayStand's unique technology allows you to choose how these credit card costs are absorbed. This Payment Processing Flexibility is found only at PayStand. We provide you with the options to pass on fees or to absorb them. We also give other 0% options with little to no interchange rate (eCheck 0% + $0.25 and eCash 0% + $0). With PayStand’s PPF, you’ll never have to pay processing fees again, and neither will your customers.

Why do we hate transaction & processing fees?

PayStand doesn’t think you should be taxed for your success. To a small business 3% of revenue can be upwards of 40% of profit. And for a non-profit no one wants money taken out of their donations. Our current financial system was built decades before the internet was even an idea. And even companies like PayPal have become completely outdated. If it doesn’t cost anything to receive an email, why should it cost you anything to receive money? For lack of options the credit card companies have had a monopoly online. PayStand thought it was time for you to have modern payment options at an affordable price.

Will I ever need to pay a credit card fee again online?

No. When you use PayStand, we give you the ability to pass on the standard credit card fees, and to accept money from other 0% options like eCheck and eCash.

Does PayStand make money off of credit card fees?

No. Although no one can avoid credit card interchange fees, PayStand does what we can to help. 1. We keep our rates as low as possible. In fact, as our transaction volume grows, our baseline credit card rates go down and we pass those reductions on to you--automatically. 2. We give you the ability to pass on credit card fees at checkout, so when someone chooses to pay with a card you are not penalized. 3. We give 0% options at checkout (eCheck & eCash) so no one has these fees at all.

How does PayStand survive without taking a slice of transaction fees?

We get this question a lot. PayStand is your payment solution as a service. We've decided not to make money off of taxing you for your success, but rather by providing you with increasingly great software and service. Beyond saving organizations a bundle on fees, our goal is to outfit you with all the tools you'll need to thrive online.

Will I also have other cost associated with PayStand?

No. Your PayStand subscription plan takes care of your whole payments solutions. In the old days (before PayStand) you needed to pay for eCommerce software, donations platforms, merchant accounts, processors, or other platform type services + payment processing cost. We take care of all that for one low cost.

How do I get PayStand integrated into my website?

Welcome to simple integrations. No longer do you have to sludge through a 6-month process of getting all the pieces in-line to set up payments or commerce online. Our integration tools are as easy as embedding a YouTube video. With one line of code you can add buttons that automatically activate your checkout experience. You can also simply add an embed code that displays all your PayStand items or just an individual item. Linking to your external free WebStand page is always an easy way to get started. And if you are an advanced user, our APIs will help you with cart plug-ins and customizable solutions.

Do my customers have to leave my website to checkout?

No. PayStand’s modern checkout and embed tools allow you to keep your customers on your website so you can maintain trust and minimize your falloff rate caused by directing people off of your website.

Can I maintain my branding?

Yes. PayStand looks good when you look great. We give you the ability to customize your payment tools and integrations. Whether it's your buy buttons, product embeds, your in-site checkout page, or your free customizable webpage - we give everyone the ability to be just who you are.

Do customers need a username & password to checkout?

No. PayStand does not require your users to sign into a 3rd party app to make a payment. Your customers are your customers and we make it as easy as possible for your supporters to pay you.

What are multiple payment options?

In person you can get paid by credit card, cash, or check. PayStand is now making this an online reality as well. Use PayStand to accept Credit Cards, eCheck, and eCash, on your website and out in the field on your mobile phone. No matter how people want to pay you, we want to make it easy.

Can I accept Bitcoin as my eCash method?

Yes. PayStand allows you to add Bitcoin to your checkout experience as a way to get paid. When a payment is made with Bitcoin, there are no transaction fees.

Can I accept eCheck?

Yes. PayStand allows you to add eCheck (direct bank debit) to your checkout experience as a payment option. When a payment is made with eCheck your customer is able to use their secure bank account login to checkout at 0% + only 25 cents. You can even set up a recurring eCheck payment.

Is there a listing fee?

No. PayStand has no listing fees. Unlike other systems, it’s completely FREE to list your items on your PayStand. We also have no setup fees, hosting fees, and all the other stuff they love to charge you with.

What type of items can I sell?

PayStand gives you the flexibility to create many kinds of items: physical products, set pricing items, open pricing payments, donations, digital downloads, recurring payments, subscriptions, memberships, tickets, invoice payments, and any other combos you can come up with.

Is there a setup fee?

No. There are no setup fees on any of our plans. If you are interested in our enterprise-level, please contact us and a solutions architect will be assigned to work with your specific needs. Email us at enterprise@paystand.com or call (800) 708-6413

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a fully functional 14-day trial. Your credit card will not be charged until after your trial. There is no obligation and no risk. Try PayStand free and see if it’s right for you.

Is PayStand’s data safe and secure?

Yes. Your security is our #1 priority. Our system makes your transactions Level 1 PCI certified, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. All your data and customer information is extremely safe.

Which payment methods can I accept?

We allow you to accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and international payments. You can also enable eCheck and eCash (Bitcoin).

Do I need my own SSL certificate?

No. We provide a free SSL certificate for you as part of our solution.

Can I upgrade between plans?

Absolutely. Upgrading is simple and can be done from inside your dashboard. When upgrading, all of your data (items, orders, settings, customers, etc.) automatically stay safe and updated. Upgrading is painless.

How long are your contracts?

Our plans are all month-to-month and you can cancel at any time. If you cancel your account we will stop billing you immediately. For discounted savings we also offer yearly and biennial payment options. Yearly plans can save you an additional 10% - 20%.

Do you offer support and training?

Not only can you talk to a real person, but with our Standard plan you get to talk to the same Customer Success Rep. assigned to you. All accounts include email & phone support, as well as access to our Knowledge Base, blogs, and online Resources.

Do you offer any discounted plans?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount on annual plans and a 20% discount on biennial plans, when they are paid upfront.

What are your bandwidth fees?

There are none. All PayStand plans include unlimited bandwidth for free.