Automate Payments In NetSuite

Streamline your NetSuite payments process from invoice to reconciliation with Paystand's robust SuiteApp.

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Paystand NetSuite SuiteApp Overview

Paystand is the leading digital payments platform for midsize and enterprise companies, with over 130,000 businesses transacting on its payment network. Paystand makes it easy to accept payments, streamline collections, and automate hours of manual A/R tasks without ever leaving your NetSuite environment.

With robust support for NetSuite functionality, the Paystand SuiteApp upgrades the payment experience with fee management controls, supports Advanced NetSuite features like OneWorld and SuiteCommerce Advanced, and features that will help your businesses with better cost savings, team productivity, and cash flow management.

Process payments and capture more revenue

Start accepting all major credit and debit cards, ACH, virtual cards, and direct debit payments quickly, easily, and securely with one unified payment integration.

  • Process all major credit and debit cards, ACH, eCheck, and 0% fee bank payments.
  • Access lower transaction fees with our wholesale credit card processing rates.
  • Take keyed-in payments securely by phone using our virtual terminal.
  • Built-in fee management controls like convenience fees to minimize swipe fees.
Netsuite Payment SuiteApp Automation

Streamline billing and collections in NetSuite

Paystand's unique business model and flexible payment modules allows you to customize the accounts receivable process to your business needs.

  • Manage payments, collections, refunds, disputes, and more in a centralized dashboard.
  • Request payments from customers and schedule one-time or recurring payments.
  • Send custom invoices, billing reminders, and sales orders with Pay Now functionality.
  • Automate cash application, revenue recognition, reporting, and payment reconciliation.
Netsuite Payment Collection Automation Paystand

Control and optimize the entire payment process

Paystand is flexible and can be customized to your business needs. We give you the features you need to optimize the payments experience in and outside of NetSuite

  • Accept partial payments and allow customers to pay multiple invoices at a time.
  • Send branded checkout interfaces and toggle which payment options are presented.
  • Create custom collection plans, add notes to receivables, and keep track of your business.
  • Use sandbox mode to test customizations, plugins, and workflows in a safe environment.

Native support for advanced NetSuite features

Get the most out of NetSuite with native support for advanced features like sub-customers, subsidiaries, B2B e-commerce, and more.

  • Add subsidiaries and multiple entities with OneWorld integration.
  • Enable invoices on ecommerce stores with SuiteCommerce Advanced.
  • Support multi-currency invoicing and presentment.

“The Paystand platform has done exactly what we expected it to do. We’re thrilled that the results aligned with our expectations. We’re operating as a well-oiled machine.”

AJ Heffernan, Director of Finance & Operations, Choozle
AJ Heffernan

Director of Finance & Operations, Choozle

Automate Payments In NetSuite

Schedule a demo with one of our payment experts to learn how Paystand can automate your entire AR process and save you over 50% on the cost of receivables. It's time to rethink payments with Paystand.