Paystand Xero Integration Overview

Paystand is the leading B2B payments platform for midsize and enterprise companies. Over 200,000 businesses transact on our payment network.

The Paystand integration for Xero makes it easy for businesses to accept payments online. Unlike other Xero payment solutions, the Paystand app is packed with advanced features like recurring payments, virtual terminals, and automatic reconciliation to help you get paid faster and operate more efficiently.

Process payments and capture more revenue

Accept flexible payment options, take keyed-in payments, and control your payment fees and costs.

  • Process major credit and debit cards, ACH, virtual cards, and direct bank payments.
  • Reduce transaction fees with free (0% + $0.0) in-network payments and wholesale credit card processing rates.
  • Take payments from anywhere remotely using a virtual terminal.
  • Built-in fee management controls to offset and minimize credit card fees.
Process payments and capture more revenue

Streamline and automate the payment collection process

Paystand's business model and flexible modules allow you to customize the AR process to your business needs.

  • Manage payments, collections, refunds, disputes on one simplified dashboard.
  • Send custom invoices, billing reminders, and sales orders with Pay Now functionality.
  • Automate cash application, revenue recognition, reporting, and reconciliation.
Streamline and automate the payment collection process

Support for subscriptions and recurring billing

Enable your customers to subscribe to products and services and generate a steady recurring revenue stream with Paystand.

  • Schedule one-time or recurring payments via the dashboard.
  • Give customers the option to make payments automated and effortless.
  • Set up billing cycles based on the time period you want.
Support for subscriptions and recurring billing

Control and optimize the entire payment process

Paystand can be customized to your business needs. We give you all the features to optimize the payments experience in and outside of Xero.

  • Toggle which payment options are presented in your checkout interface.
  • Send branded email receipts with Pay Now functionality.
  • Seamlessly sync data on payments made outside of the Xero.
  • Use sandbox mode to test customizations, apps, and workflows in a safe enviroment.

“Paystand has significantly simplified our internal AR process. We used to go through three separate systems, but now it all flows through one.”

Brad Moss

CEO, Product Labs

Automate Payments For Invoices From Xero

Schedule a demo with one of our payment experts to learn how Paystand can automate your entire AR process and save you over 50% on the cost of receivables.