Enterprise Blockchain For B2B Companies

Electronically certify and notarize payments on the blockchain to ensure your payment history is secure.

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Blockchain notarized certificates

Paystand leverages a core feature of the blockchain called immutability. When an electronic record is written on the blockchain, it can never be changed. Because the blockchain is designed to only add new records, our certified payment requests and receipts result in an electronically notarized record trail that is secure, certified, and fully audit-able.

  • Creates greater trust for all parties
  • Enables added compliance and transparency in the system
  • Makes for better digital tracking
  • Reduces errors
  • Identifies fraud more easily
Assurety receipt

Certified payment receipts

With Assurety, you now can permanently prove and verify critical payments have occurred. The Paystand Assurety feature inscribes all the payments made through the Paystand Network (such as Bank payments) with an untamperable certification record that can be verified to provide proof-of-existence for the payment.


Secure and auditable records

Any payments done through the Paystand Bank Network are automatically assured by the system. Payers are informed during the checkout payment process about the Assurety protection.


Payment requests and invoices

With Smart Payment and reconciliation, you can programmatically schedule and execute payments tied to your contracts and invoices. Tie net terms to payment settlement. Vastly speed up and improve your manual processes with digital equivalents.


"JCB is an iconic, globally recognized brand in financial services and we are excited to partner with them to introduce better business payment technology to their customers and other companies throughout Japan and Asia."

Jeremy Almond

CEO and Co-founder, Paystand