Making payments the easiest part of running a business

Our Mission

For the past century, business payments have struggled to keep up with digitization. Every other part of the enterprise has gone digital, yet commercial finance has been left behind in an analog world plagued by costly fees, inefficient systems, and paper-driven processes. It’s time for a more seamless, simple, and intuitive way to manage transactions.

We created Paystand to eliminate fees, digitize the cash cycle, and make payments the easiest part of running a business.


We asked ourselves one simple question: what would business payments look like if we built them from scratch today?


How can you empower revenue and build an innovative business if paper-driven processes are limiting your potential?


You shouldn’t be penalized every time you make a sale. It’s time to replace transaction fees with one flat monthly rate.


Removing gatekeepers will advance our industry and lead to lower costs, better security, and nearly instant transactions.


Our story: We believe in a better financial system.

In 2013, Paystand dove headfirst into the uncharted waters of reinventing commercial finance.

Inspired by pioneers taking sales and marketing into the cloud to become faster and more efficient, it was easy to imagine a better financial system where making a transaction was as simple, fast, and intuitive as calling an Uber. One where artificial intelligence could analyze an entire business and recommend customized improvements for each customer, based on their payments history.

Unfortunately, most payments solutions drain time and revenue. They charge outrageous fees, are hampered down by hidden costs and gatekeepers, and distract you from the important tasks that scale revenue.

So we’re building a solution that changes that. The Paystand network anchors on four key benefits that drive ROI for your business:

1. Faster time-to-cash so you never have to chase down payments.

2. Automate tedious, repetitive tasks to increase speed and efficiency.

3. Eliminate transaction fees to enable up to 50% cost savings.

4. Seamless and intuitive interactions for better customer experiences.

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Our Leadership Team

The Paystand executive team is comprised of visionaries and FinTech veterans with a passion for building disruptive technology. Our team has decades of experience bringing new technologies to market, driving growth from early stage ventures to public market IPOs, and engineering some of the most advanced financial technology in business and commercial uses cases today.

Our Investors

Paystand is venture backed by leading investors in Silicon Valley and has been recognized as one of the disruptive forces in business payments by publications such as TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Forbes, and many others.