Introducing Payments-as-a-Service

The first 0% business payment model.

At Paystand, we stand for something more. Everything we do is about creating capital efficiency for your business and delivering a frictionless payment experience to your customers. That means decreased DSO, faster time-to-cash, and more revenue as your business grows.

Paystand lets you control and customize how much you spend so you can predict A/R costs with certainty and forecast accurately.

It's time to rethink commercial payments

We built our business on how payments should be, not how they’ve always been. In a 21st century digital world, there’s no need for the gatekeepers and middlemen who charge transaction fees. Inspired by the shift to efficient, software-driven models in other areas of the enterprise, we developed proprietary technology and a payment framework for the digital era. Here’s how it works:


Zero Fees

We believe in eliminating transaction fees.

The Paystand Bank Network is our zero-fee, digital payment network that gives you access to real-time fund transfers. It’s the easiest, safest way to send and receive money. And our proprietary Least Cost Routing technology lets you turn on legacy payment rails in your online checkout while still helping customers make the shift to zero-fee, digital payments.

This gives you more control over your costs while maintaining flexibility for your customers. You can even offer alternative payments that calculate your customer's savings in the checkout window.

Flat monthly Rates

We believe in a subscription-based software model, not a transaction-based model.

Paystand is pioneering something that’s never been done in our industry: Payments-as-a-Service. That means when you use the Paystand Digital Network you never have to pay for transaction fees again. Instead, our customers only pay a flat monthly rate to use our software, just like other leading software providers such as Salesforce, Workday, Netsuite, and Netflix.

The benefits are clear: continuous software improvements, greater predictability and transparency, and peace of mind that costs will never skyrocket as your business grows.


No Markups

We make costs clear and predictable so you can forecast better.

Our mission is to eliminate transaction fees, but we know moving your customers to a completely digital payment experience doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey. So we give you options to accept legacy payments like credit cards and ACH transfers.

But unlike most payment providers who also charge additional fees to process these transactions, with Paystand you only pay the wholesale rate we negotiated for you with our banking partners. We never charge markups. It’s how we keep your merchant costs straightforward, predictable, and transparent.

Ready to lower costs? Start your “journey to zero.”

Ask about Paystand products, pricing, implementation, or anything else. Our Sales and Customer Success teams are ready to help you deliver a better payments experience today.

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