B2B Payment Automation

Get paid without the cumbersome manual processes and costly transaction fees.

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Embed payment links in your invoices

Enable fully digital payment collection options for every payment method. Add payment links to your invoices, sales orders, and customer statements and improve customer experience.

  • Accept payments in your invoices, website, billing systems, and mobile applications.
  • Use Smart Financial Automation to append key invoice data to your payments
  • Enable powerful workflows to speed-up tracking and simplify reporting.

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One-click payments, one payment portal

Provide an easy, intuitive payment portal for your customers with flexible payment options and self-service capabilities.

  • Accept direct bank-to-bank payments (eCheck Processing), ACH, or credit / debit cards
  • Turn on or off payment options based on customizable criteria
  • Reduce fraud and chargebacks with secure, real-time fund verification

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Provide instant payment verification

Give your customers access to online receipts, payment history, and a secure audit trail of all paid invoices.

  • Increase visibility for your customers' payments in one transparent dashboard
  • Review payments, obtain digital or print receipts, and review transaction details
  • Give your customers the ability to manage their payments in a simple, convenient way.

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Payer Portal

Predict cashflow with rich data

With smart, real-time analytics your team has full visibility into receivables and cash flow so your have a complete picture of your capital health.

  • Predict future cashflow streams and segment payer data
  • Access detailed reports for transactions, payers, aging, and receivables
  • Download payer, payment, transfer, and deposit data

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“The Paystand platform has done exactly what we expected it to do. We’re thrilled that the results aligned with our expectations. We’re operating as a well-oiled machine.”

AJ Heffernan, Director of Finance & Operations, Choozle
AJ Heffernan

Director of Finance & Operations, Choozle