eCheck Payment Processing

The Easiest Way to Accept and Process eCheck Payments

As easy as credit cards for your customers, at a fraction of the cost to you. Anyone with a bank account can pay you with eChecks, for a micro fixed-fee that could save you thousands on transaction costs. Let us show you how.

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eCheck for Business-to-Business Payments

Paper checks are dying off, but high transaction fees make credit card payments a terrible alternative. eChecks are a more affordable alternative to credit cards, faster than paper checks, and allow you to automate your billing process with recurring charges.

Not all eCheck offerings are the same: only Paystand gives you everything you need to accept eChecks alongside credit cards in a single checkout with instant funds verification.

Drop-in eCheck Gateway, No Coding Required

With Paystand's drop-in payment gateway, BIIA Insurance was able to start accepting eChecks on their website within a week. Today, they are saving thousands of dollars per month on unnecessary transaction fees, and their customers appreciate the convenience of paying online. 

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What you don't know about payment methods can end up costing you. Learn the ins and outs of ACH and eCheck transactions, how to accept them online, and how to steer your customers to more affordable online payments.

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