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  • Eliminate manual processes and avoid chasing down payments.
  • Increase payment remittance with our Billing Payment Portal.
  • Decrease time to cash, eliminate paper checks, and go digital.
  • Consolidate your payments to accept all forms of payment quickly and efficiently.
  • Reform your ROI with our 0% Payment Network and fixed cost approach
  • Increase Customer Retention with the convenience of tokenization (Fund-on-file)
  • Save on Debit and Credit card transaction fees with our wholesale rates
  • Eliminate transaction fees entirely with fixed cost options (eCheck & ACH)
  • Add new revenue streams with mark-up options 
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  • Utilize our ERP/CRM integrations to go from contract to cash automatically
  • Reconcile invoices automatically
  • Schedule payments into the future or establish recurring payments to eliminate the need for manual processing
  • Eliminate human error with tools that do the work for you (Virtual Terminal, Fund-on-File, plugins)
  • Fast and easy integration - add 'Pay Now' buttons directly to your invoices, website and apps
  • User-friendly dashboard with in-depth reporting tools
  • Leverage smart data

Accept Card, Bank Login, and ACH Payments

Accept cards (credit and debit, at wholesale rates), eChecks (balance verification using bank login), ACH transfers from bank accounts, and more.

Funds are Automatically Deposited, Daily

All payments are automatically transferred to your bank account, with a report of the payments included therein.  PayStand can adjust deposit schedules and reports, as you need.

Powerful Data & Reporting
All payments are stored in your singular ledger, with roll-ups of all transactions being view able and downloadable throughout their life cycle. View successful (and failed) payments, customers, deposits, refunds, and more.

Recurring Payments

Easily schedule recurring payments from new and existing payers for subscriptions, contract terms, free trials, and more.

Ready to Go, No Coding Necessary

See how rapidly PayStand delivers payment processing and tools for your business, with branding.

Store payment methods, re-charge them later

With Fund-on-File capability, you can securely store past payment methods in our environment, and authorized staff can re-engage them for future payments.

Branded Payment Interface and Emails

Your brand is valuable and should be reflected in your customers' experience paying you.  PayStand will work with you to brand the experience as you want.

Security & Compliance
PayStand is a PCI DSS Compliant company and we extend that security throughout all our products.

Add your Data to any Payment

Invoice Number?  Customer ID?  Attach your business' data to any payment, and it's stored throughout the payment's life cycle.

Powerful APIs for your Developers

Your developers can have access to our full suite of OAuth secured, RESTful APIs, for whatever solution you need.