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The cash flow management bootcamp features actionable AR strategies and real world examples to better manage and improve your finance processes. Over the course of five emails, you'll receive top tips, strategies, and best practices around creating an efficient, scalable, and resilient cash management process.

What is cash flow and why does it matter
Lesson 1

What is cash flow and why does it matter?

Get started with the basics on the importance of creating healthy process and transparent cash flow.

Effective cash flow tactics
Lesson 4

Effective cash flow tactics

Read about tactics you can apply today to implement the right cash management process.

Best practices for managing cash flow
Lesson 2

Best practices for managing cash flow

Get actionable tips and see real-world case studies for examples of creating healthy cash flow.

How to measure your cash flow health
Lesson 5

How to measure your cash flow health

Learn the right metrics and data to measure to maintain a sustainable, healthy cash flow.

Methods of receiving payments
Lesson 3

Methods of receiving payments

Dive into all the ways you can receive payments, ranked by cost and speed.

Level up to the next phase

Level up to the next phase

Complete the five-part course and get a bonus guide on B2B Payment Optimization.


Cash management strategies for 2020

This 5-part email series will give you actionable tips and strategies to improve cash flow.
  • Recovering the revenue trapped in the balance sheet.
  • Gaining a greater understanding of what factors affect cash flow.
  • Streamlining their accounts receivables to prevent existing capital from going to waste.
  • Building a "recession-proof" cash flow strategy.
Cash management strategies for 2020

"This course is designed to help you understand your current cash flow position and what steps you should take to create an efficient and scalable cash management process."

Sarah McAmis
Sarah McAmis

Marketing and Operations, Paystand

Cash Flow Management Bootcamp

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