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  • Real time reporting of every transaction
  • Notifications of when money is received, transferred, refunded, and more
  • Virtual terminal for staff to capture payments
  • Configure scheduled recurring payments (e.g., subscriptions)
  • Attach and verify bank accounts
  • Use our Sandbox dashboard to improve and speed development

Every payment begins with providing your customer with the interface to pay you, and ends with the notification of funds in your bank account.  PayStand provides you with everything you need for the payment lifecycle, and your dashboard is the headquarters for that activity.

PayStand's dashboard provides you, your staff, and your customers with everything they need to receive the correct payment amount.  Your bookkeeping will be easier with our reports, GAAP-structured ledger, downloads, emails and notifications.  Your mind will be at ease as PayStand takes care of security concerns, with access controls, industry proven encryption and architecture, PCI compliance, and more.

Everything PayStand provides in your dashboard can be accessed by your developers through our powerful APIs, webhooks, sandbox environment, and thorough documentation.

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1. Automatically request payments from customers.

2. Embed payments into your website with copy & paste code

3. Every transaction detail available in real time

4. Receive notifications when funds are available.  Watch as they're automatically deposited into your bank account

5. Attach as many bank accounts as needed.

6. Download ledger to optimize your bookkeeping and accounting



Fund on File

Your customers' payment information is tokenized and stored in PayStands encrypted dashboard. The data is saved without being visible, meaning you have the convenience to charge your customer without re-entering payment information

Attach Multiple Bank Accounts

Sometimes your company needs funds to be deposited into more than one bank account.  Attach and verify as many bank accounts as you need.

User Management

PayStand allows you to create an unlimited number of users for your dashboard.

Multiple Payment Options

A single dashboard and single ledger, organizing your funds for all methods of payment: credit and debit cards, ACH Bank payments, and eChecks

Transparent, Downloadable, Portable

Payment, payer, schedule, transfer and deposit data is all downloadable in universal formats.  Access any download from your dashboard and transport to wherever you need it.

Security & Compliance

We handle all the complexity involved with payment processing: PCI compliance, AML Laws, MTL Rules, Fraud Monitoring, Bank KYC Underwriting requirements, 1099K's - so you can go to sleep at night knowing your money is safe.