Further Automate Receivables

Reconcile Direct Deposits with Enterprise Match

View payments, made through external ACH sources, directly on Paystand and reconciled within NetSuite

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Not All Payments Are Made The Same

Lower operational setbacks associated with manual handling of other payment methods. Enterprise Match significantly reduces manual intervention, balancing automation and control.

Your team will experience greater efficiency as the system handles most reconciliation tasks, minimizing errors and ensuring accuracy. 



How It Works

Give your payers a unique identifier to pay their invoices. Paystand will help you:

  • Select and match incoming payments
  • Update the invoice status
  • Reconcile the payments into NetSuite
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A streamlined process

Why This Matters

We continue paving your road towards full automation, this time by significantly reducing time and labor costs through assisted invoice matching.

Get in touch to verify if your company is a match for our latest and more powerful AI-assisted matching feature.

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