Introducing Payments-as-a-Service

We are re-inventing the way payments are done, with our innovative flat-rate model.
We offer flexible plans to save you money and increase your ROI at every stage of your business.


Easily digitize and automate your entire Accounts Payable cycle. Add improved security, control, and efficiency to your each of your vendor payments.
  • ✓ Automate Batch Scheduling
  • ✓ Single Use Virtual Cards
  • ✓ Bank Transfer
  • ✓ Digitized Checks
  • ✓ Admin Reporting
  • ✓ Data Exports
  • ✓ Fraud Prevention


Starts at $499/mo
Take your Accounts Receivable to the Internet Age. Speed up your time-to-cash, automate your billing process, and lower your transaction costs. 
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Custom pricing
A complete payment engine for your High Volume Enterprise or API enabled Software Platform. Improve your customer experience and add to your bottomline.
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  • Unlimited Volume
  • RESTful API
  • Custom Branded Interfaces
  • KYC & Underwriting Engine
  • Email Workflow
  • Mobile solutions
  • Marketplace & 
       Platform Controls
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Webhooks & Tools
  • Fee Optimization
  • Plugins & Integration
  • Smart Data Reconciliation
  • Decline & Churn Prevention
  • Overseas Customers
  • Multi Entity/Locations
  • Priority Support
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Questions. Answers.

How is PayStand’s Payments-as-a-Service model different?

Fee-based pricing is the norm in the payment industry, but we’re taking a different approach, based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). With PayStand, you get the payment technology you need for a flat monthly plan that makes sense for your business. Rather than mark up every transaction, we give you 0% payment options like eCheck and eCash. Where there are unavoidable fees to our banking partners, such as credit card interchange fees, you’ll only pay the lowest wholesale rate we have negotiated. PayStand's monthly plans will keep your merchant costs straightforward, predictable, and transparent. 

How does using PayStand increase my profit margins?

With most payment providers, fees are deducted from every transaction, so the greater your volume, the higher your fees. PayStand’s flat-rate subscription model gives you the opportunity to grow your business and come out ahead on payment costs. If you’re switching from offline payments, you may find you save even more on the overhead costs of processing paper checks. 

Which payment types can I use with each plan?

Every PayStand plan supports eCheck, eCash and major debit & credit cards. You have total flexibility in which payment types to enable in your checkout process—you can turn on all three payment rails for convenience, or just one or two to optimize cost or preference. Your customer can choose among the available types when they check out.

Do you support automated/recurring payments?

Yes. You can include monthly and annual automated payments for both eCheck and credit card in your checkout. Recurring payments are a great option for ongoing invoices, regular services, property management, membership fees and other high-value, fixed payments.

Can I pass credit card fees to my customer (and is that legal?)

Yes. The PayStand platform allows you to add credit card fees to the cost of your item so they are absorbed by the customer. This makes sense when you are offering an alternative method such as eCheck, so your customer can choose the lowest-cost option. Passing through, or “surcharging” credit card fees became legal as the result of a 2013 class-action lawsuit against Visa and MasterCard. However, each state has its own laws governing how merchants can surcharge fees, so we encourage you to check the attorney general’s website for your state before using this feature.

How do I get PayStand integrated into my website?

We offer a wide-variety of ways to integrate our PayStand gateway within your website, invoice or application.  Options include: simple drag-and-drop buttons, ready-made billing portals, embedded Javascript code you can copy and paste, a cutting edge checkout SDK, and even a full-blown rich API for creating a completely branded and customized payment experience for your customers. We’re happy to walk you through the options as part of the onboarding process. 

Do my customers have to leave my website or app to checkout?

No. PayStand’s modern checkout and embed tools allow you to keep customers on your website which maintains trust and minimizes your falloff rate caused by directing people to a third party site.

Can I maintain my branding?

Yes. Every PayStand plan includes the ability to customize your checkout window, emailed receipts, etc. with your organization’s name and logo. Our Enterprise plan includes options for a complete white label integration of the PayStand technology into your product, service or Intranet.

Do customers need a username & password to checkout?

No. PayStand does not require your users to have a PayStand account to make a payment. We’ve reduced the number of steps involved with making a payment to as few as possible.

What kinds of products and services can I accept payments for?

PayStand gives you the flexibility to accept payments for a wide variety of business to business transactions, such as invoice payments, services rendered, wholesale products shipped, subscriptions, memberships, and more. For a list of high-risk business categories we're unable to support, please see our Terms of Service. 

How long are your contracts?

Our Standard and Pro plans renew month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time. Our Enterprise plans carry annual contracts. 

Do you offer support and training?

As a Payments-as-a-Service company, we want to partner with you for long-term success. We realize that payments are crucial to your business, so you can expect fast and responsive phone and email support. We’re also happy to arrange customized training & support packages for your team and or customers.