Payments, built for your platform.

Create a branded payments engine that drives new revenue, automates complex payment flows, and enhances your software product offering.


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Develop a Robust Payments Network Natively Within Your Software

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Streamlined Merchant Onboarding

Submit merchant onboarding materials via Paystand's API and enable sub-merchants to begin processing payments immediately.

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Pass-Through Wholesale Rates

Operating on a SaaS model, Paystand passes through wholesale transaction fees. Set your own processing rates for sub-merchants and drive new revenue on each transaction.

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Flexible, Secure Payment Methods

Facilitate payments via the Paystand Bank Network, ACH, Canadian EFT, and credit/debit cards. Paystand covers all PCI Compliance requirements.

How Can Paystand Help Your Business?

With three ways to integrate, you have maximum flexibility.

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Easy App Connect

A turn-key solution for your customers to quickly add payments. Integrate our checkout service as a stand-alone gateway or alongside other gateways to give your customers choices. We handle all of the customers' underwriting, compliance, pricing, processing, and settlement. For every new customer that signs up through your platform, we give you a referral share of our subscription revenue.

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Co-Managed Accounts

The most popular and flexible way to partner with us. You get access to our APIs to create a fully customized experience within your platform, so customers never leave your site. We take care of the underwriting, processing, compliance, and other back-office support. As partners, we share both the costs and the revenue, so we grow together.


OEM White-Label

With an OEM license to our entire payment platform, your customers will never know we’re the backend provider -- our checkout interface, payment engine, business dashboard, and mobile app will show your brand. You get direct access to our wholesale costs with full control of all transaction commissions, to monetize how you see fit.

The Paystand Platform

Offer a complete and fully integrated payment solution to your customers.


Payments as a Service

Improve your customer experience by offering a unified electronic payment gateway in your product. Become their hero by streamlining their billing, improving time to cash, and eliminating manual processes.

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Blockchain Assurety 

Assurety is the blockchain-based, payment authentication process unique to the Paystand Bank Network. It creates an automatically notarized record trail that is secure, certified, and fully auditable. Records can’t be altered in any way.

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Enable New Revenue

Open up entirely new revenue streams by adding electronic payment functionality. Referral, revenue sharing, and full commission options are available based on your business model needs.


Full Developer APIs

A modern, easy to use API that gives you full control to build the apps and integrations you want. Our suite of RESTful APIs scale for businesses of all sizes. It’s like getting direct access to the banks, without all the red tape.


Multiple Payment Rails

Choice is good. We enable single settlement to your customers' bank account through our own Paystand Bank Network or legacy payment methods like Credit Cards, Debit Cards, or ACH, all using AI technology to drive the lowest cost.


Security & Compliance

From PCI compliance and AML laws to Bank KYC underwriting requirements and fraud monitoring, we handle the complexity involved with payment processing so you can focus on what you do best.

Paystand In Three Easy Steps

Bring the power of integrated payments to your business without the complexity.

What's your ideal solution?

Where's your software today?

Where would you like to take it?

In speaking with our team, we'll develop a deep understanding of your business and needs, explore what opportunities are available, and mutually decide if it makes sense to partner.

Step 1 Model
Step 2 Build
Let's get started.

Upon entering a partnership, we'll directly work with your team to develop your ideal payments solution. Most implementations take 6-10 weeks, although time frames vary based on complexity.

Take it to the world!

It's time to make your project live! Following implementation, Paystand will share best practices in furthering payment adoption within your software. Paystand also offers enhanced support packages, essentially serving as your full payments team.

Step 3 Launch