The outgoing part of payments

Establish Controlled Expense Management

Achieve spending success with agile automation at scale. Process 10 or 100,000 purchases with the most efficient and easy-to-use software. 

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Empowering customers through spend management excellence


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Spend Management
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Proactive Spend Controls
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All under one roof

Approve purchases before they happen

Control your spend and avoid surprises with automated, policy-enforced purchase workflows that secure approvals before spending.

Deliver an effortless employee experience

Teampay integrates seamlessly with your team's chat tools, ensuring easy adoption because it's intuitive and meets employees' needs.

Automate your routine work

Focus on business decisions while the software handles secure payments, reconciles purchases, creates reports, and manages repetitive tasks.

Maximize productivity company-wide

Centralize purchasing to minimize confusion and make spending seamless.

Track your spend in real time

Drive company impact with accessible up-to-the-minute analytics and transparent, accurate reporting anytime.


Full control of your spend

Easily approve purchases and make secure payments anywhere. Employees can swiftly get approval and upload receipts via Slack, Microsoft Teams, or the Teampaygo mobile app. All transactions sync and reconcile instantly in Teampay and your general ledger.


Receivables meets expenses

Now that you have all your A/R and payment needs met, it's time to focus on the side of money flowing out of your business. Streamline your expense management process and gain control over your financial outflows with our comprehensive solutions.











Over 30 Integrations

"The platform has proper controls and promotes efficiency, saving my team countless hours and increasing their productivity across the board. This is one of the best investments the company has purchased to date."

Linh Doan

Controller , Zumper

"I am getting so much positive feedback because employees used to dread expense reports."

Amanda Martin

VP of Finance , Orlando Regional Realtor Association

"Teampay has been incredibly transformational for our business. Reimbursable business expenses have dropped dramatically, which is amazing. And it just allows us much greater control over the expenses that are coming through to the business.”

Robert Fulkerson

President and CEO