A Simple, Powerful B2B Payment Portal

Provide a simple and powerful solution to accept, manage, and view customer payments through a simple, B2B payment portal.

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“The Paystand platform has done exactly what we expected it to do. We’re thrilled that the results aligned with our expectations. We’re operating as a well-oiled machine.”

AJ Heffernan, Director of Finance & Operations, Choozle
AJ Heffernan

AJ Heffernan, Director of Finance & Operations, Choozle

A single place for all your payments

The Payment Portal provides a comprehensive overview of the payment history customers have made through your branded or embedded Paystand B2B Payment Portal.

  • Customers go to one place for all types of payments
  • Automatic, speedy deposits to your bank account
  • Secure, trusted environment for web, email, and mobile payments
  • Full branding and co-branding options available
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Eliminate the cost of manual, paper-based payments

Mail float, security risk, and cumbersome tasks associated with the traditional lock box can be eliminated with our digital alternative.

Your business loses money when waiting for payments, collecting and organizing different payment methods, assigning invoice and customer data to payment records, and physically depositing funds into your bank account. Paystand can significantly reduce the time you spend on these tasks with our Payments-as-a-Service and Payment Portal.


Flexible payment options

Give your business the most advanced capabilities available to speed up your time to cash and provide your customers a better payment experience through Paystand's B2B Payment Portal. 

  • Accept credit card, bank login, and ACH payments
  • Deliver a branded payment interface for a seamless customer experience
  • PCI DSS compliant so your data is always secure
  • Attach business data to any payment that's maintained through the payment's life cycle
  • Easily schedule recurring payments from new and existing payers

Comprehensive reporting

The Payment Portal provides a comprehensive overview of all payments made by your customers through your branded or embedded Paystand Checkout and Billing Portal.

  • Increase visibility for your customers' payments in one transparent dashboard
  • Review payments, obtain digital or print receipts, and review transaction details
  • Give your customers the ability to manage their payments in a simple, convenient way. 
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Access and review upcoming payments

Give your customers better visibility into their scheduled payments so that they know when to expect charges regardless of their chosen payment method.

  • Your customers will be aware of any impending payments, helping to remove friction from your AR and collections process.
  • Your customers have easy access to print and re-send receipts for the payments they have made.
  • Improve communication and information between your company and your customers with intuitive and easy self-service functionality.
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A comprehensive view into payments

The Paystand Payment Portal gives customers immediate access to payments, receipts, and scheduled billing.

Flexible Payments

Accept all payment methods in a simple, B2B payment portal and shift your business away from manual, costly processes.

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Powerful and Secure

Attach business data to any invoice or payment, maintained through the payment lifecycle, all with the highest levels of security.

Seamless Experience

Provide your customers an intuitive and memorable payment experience while maintaining your brand at every touchpoint.

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