Fund-on-File Tokens for B2B Payments

Safely vault payment information at Paystand so you can recharge as your terms require.

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Increase security and improve compliance with Fund-on-File

Replace your sensitive data with non-sensitive data to safeguard payment information and increase efficiency.

Paystand uses tokenization to protect your sensitive data by replacing it with an algorithmically generated sequence called a Fund-on-File token. With a Fund on File token, users can securely authorize, charge, and re-use a customers’ payment method without accessing their private information directly. This makes it near impossible for someone to get at your actual credit card information.

Tokens (secure references to stored Funds on File) allow platforms to save payment methods for their users without storing sensitive information. Using tokens, safely reference Funds on File via our dashboard or our API.
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Encrypted payment information

Whether it's follow-up payments, terms, or recurring scheduled payments, storing payment information saves you time and money.

  • Re-engage previously entered payment information for future charges
  • Payment information is secure and safe at PayStand, as a Fund on File
  • Payment information needs to be entered only once
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Cost-effective and customer-centric

Fund on File is efficient, cost-effective, and better for you and your customer. Payments can be a single click for your customers by building “Pay Now” or “One-Click” buttons using our Funds on File tokens and an API call.

  • Schedule any recurring payment to fit your needs, no matter how sophisticated.
  • Create a marketplace using Paystand's Funds on File throughout your platform.
  • Easily create tokens using Paystand's versatile, brand-able payment interface.

Safe, secure, and proven

Paystand solves your payment security needs. Use Paystand to vault your customers' payment information in our secure environment. Being PCI DSS and SSOE 1086 Compliant, Paystand's security is routinely audited and certified by third-party assessors.

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“The Paystand platform has done exactly what we expected it to do. We’re thrilled that the results aligned with our expectations. We’re operating as a well-oiled machine now.”

AJ Heffernan, Director of Finance & Operations, Choozle
AJ Heffernan

Director of Finance & Operations, Choozle

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