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Paystand Smart Lockbox

Process, deposit, and reconcile your paper checks payments automatically and move payers to digital alternatives. 

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The digital-first solution to move your customers off paper checks forever

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Receive payments faster

Our automated process ensures payments are received and recorded with minimal delay, giving you faster access to funds.

Track incoming funds
Track incoming funds

Paystand moves incoming paper checks to a digital workflow, significantly increasing your financial control and transparency.

Optimize Accounts Receivable
Optimize Accounts Receivable

Automated reconciliation and cash application lets you scale with less friction, manpower, and overhead.

Simplify and automate your paper check payments

Reduce delays and unnecessary overhead by moving your entire lockbox workflow to a digital solution with:

  • Invoice matching - All remittance are scanned remotely and matched to your open invoices.
  • Cash application - Incoming payments are matched to invoices and accounts then marked as paid within your ERP.
  • Bank reconciliation - Transactions are seamlessly reconciled against your bank statements.
  • Sales orders - Enhance your cash flow by accepting check payments related to invoices or sales orders.



Leverage the power of your ERP system

Smart Lockbox integrates seamlessly with NetSuite and Sage Intacct to deliver full automation of the cash cycle:

  • View all check deposits within the dashboard.
  • Payments are matched to invoices and automatically marked as Paid. 
  • Sync all payments to invoices automatically and view the cash application.



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Deliver a one-click payment experience

Imagine being able to capture your payers' information from a check payment and giving them an easy, intuitive way to never have to pay by check again.

Paystand Smart Lockbox makes it easy to transition your customers to paperless payments. With an easy, one-click approval, they'll forego the archaic process of printing and sending a paper check. Instead, they'll use Paystand's secure, digital payment network saving you time and money. 


“The Paystand platform has done exactly what we expected it to do. We’re thrilled that the results aligned with our expectations. We’re operating as a well-oiled machine now.”

AJ Heffernan, Director of Finance & Operations, Choozle
AJ Heffernan

Director of Finance & Operations, Choozle

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