Try PayStand with WooCommerce:

“We switched to PayStand from PayPal. Now our customers stay on our site to pay, and the embedded window looks great. And when they pay us by eCheck, we save a lot!”

Kirk, A Bean to Go Coffee Roasters

Wholesale transaction rates

Accept all major credit cards in an inline 1-click checkout, directly on your site. No markup, with no hidden fees.

ACH made easy

Enable eCheck bank payments in your checkout. As easy as credit cards for your customers, and much lower cost for you (as low as $0.25 per transaction).

Receive invoice payments

Generate an invoice for services rendered or wholesale items that will be emailed to your customer with a "Pay Now" link to pay on your website. 

Support recurring payments

Enable customers to pay you over time with the recurring autopay feature. It works with both credit card and eCheck (ACH) payments. 


Zero-percent, fixed rates

PayStand customers can accept eChecks (ACH) for 0% plus a small fixed fee per transaction: $0.25 up to $100, $1.00 up to $1000, and $2.50 over $1000.


Ready to scale

When you're ready to expand your business or upgrade your website, PayStand is ready to grow with you. Our APIs can create a fully integrated payment flow on any platform. 

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