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Accepting Credit Cards is Now for Anyone. On Any Device. Anywhere.

Multiple Payment Options

Easily accept Credit Cards (visa, master card, american express, and discover), eChecks (check21 and Dwolla), and eCash (bitcoin) in a click of a button.

No Merchant Transaction Fees

Introducing a better business model: Payments as a Service, fixed costs with payment processing flexibility. Too good to be true? Learn how it works.

Modern Checkout Experience

Keep your branding. Stop having your customer leave your site. No forced 3rd party login. It's 2014, your payments should be too.

Safe & Secure

Your PayStand comes fully encrypted and is Level 1 PCI compliant. Your online security, payments, and customer’s transactions are automatically secured with 256 bit SSL HTTPS encryption - Rest assured knowing all data is secure.

Recommended by People Like You

What people are saying about PayStand

PayStand has allowed me to spend less time worrying about how I’m going to get paid, and more time doing the things I love - like helping to tell people's stories! The setup was quick and all I have to do is add a link to my invoices. This is the first time I've been able to take online payments and I'm stoked! Thanks PayStand team."
services1 Christopher and Company (Service) http://christopherandcompany.co
I love PayStand because it saves me time in my business and has helped give me a clean fresh look for my online commerce. I’ve been able to sync all my stores across the web... as well as expand my reach. And I’m thankful how easy and intuitive PayStand is to setup and maintain because I’m not that technical. And I love being able to talk to someone on the phone.”
test_kirk Kirk Walker (Retail) CEO Abeantogo Coffee http://abeantogo.com
Working with PayStand has been awesome.  As a non-profit, controlling costs is a constant concern for us.  We want to put as much of the donor's dollar as possible directly to program expenses.  Using PayStand has helped us to maintain a professional and functional website without keeping a full time web-developer on staff.  PayStand has provided us an excellent level of support and had us up and running very quickly.”
Non-Profits David Gladson (Cause) Development Manager Amor Ministries http://amor.org
I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get set up to accept money online. I was able to easily add PayStand right into my website and Facebook page. My favorite is when I update any of my items, I see it change everywhere automatically... What?! How cool is that!”
test6 Aaron Clark (Service) Owner of Perfect Glass http://windowcleaningsc.com/

Full eCommerce System. Still Simple and Easy.

Built-in Mobile Websites

Every design automatically includes a unique mobile experience that matches the overall style of your PayStand, so your content will look great on every device, every time.

Smart Links

Smart is an understatement. Each item you create provides you with a link that intuitively knows where it is being opened. Whether you share your smart link on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Email, or across the web it brings your customer an experience directly in those places.

Order Management

PayStand helps you track orders, respond to customers, send out white labeled receipts, track inventory, communicate shipping information and more.

Multiple Templates

PayStand offers multiple template designs to choose from. Our templates are created with excellent design in mind and are compatible with current browsers and mobile devices. We employ the latest HTML, CSS and Javascript techniques so you don't have to.

Multiple Store Fronts

Multiply your exposure by embedding your PayStand on your website, your PayStand Webpage, Facebook, Tumblr, Wordpress, or anywhere else. It is as easy as embedding a YouTube video. PayStand manages all your orders in one place, from all your store fronts.

Multiple Item Types

Your PayStand can offer multiple item types all from your catalog page. Sell and ship physical items, upload digital items for sale, take payments, or accept donations.

Free PayStand WebStore

No website? No problem... We’ve got you covered. Each PayStand user gets their own PayStand online WebStand Page and unique address url.

Buy Now Buttons & Website Embeds

PayStand makes website integration as easy as possible. Adding Buy Now Buttons or embedding your PayStand into your site is as easy as dropping in a YouTube video. It just works.

Responsive Image Loader

PayStand allows multiple images per item offered and even generates several scaled versions of each original image file uploaded. Our image loader detects and selects the appropriate image size to load for every device and screen - including Apple devices with Retina Displays.

Social Links

Automatically display social network links with each item created, letting your visitors share and talk about you on every major network. Your customers can even ‘like’ you and ‘share’ from their receipts.

Direct Facebook Page Integration

PayStand gives you a free Facebook Application that integrates seemlessly to your Facebook pages to easily your PayStand into yourFacebook platform. Your customers buy directly in Facebook without having to leave your page (which helps prevent loss of sales).

Multiple Variants

Does your item, payment, or donation come with different options like size, color, type, or fund. PayStand lets you set price and track inventory for each of your customizable variations.

Universal Posting/Sharing

Use PayStand's first ever Universal Posting tool to easily share your items across every social platform and communication channel at once. The more places you are the bigger your audience becomes.

All-in-One Solution

Simply everything you need to take payments and sell online. Everything is included. No extra hosting accounts, payment processors, merchant accounts, web designers, programers, order management software, or other typical headaches necessary!

Video Promotion

Inspire your audience with the ability to add a video into your item listing's description. Easily drop YouTube or Vimeo embed code and your item has unpresedented appeal.

Automatically Responsive Designs

All PayStand pages are completely responsive and work on any mobile device, iPads, or computer screen size and resolution.

Custom Item Descriptions

Add character to your items with item descriptions that allow you to customize your fonts, text decorations, images, links, videos, and more.

Direct Communication with Customers

Your customers are your community. PayStand provides you with email addresses and shipping addresses so you can give your fans the experience they deserve.

Multiple Author Support

Enable multiple people to help mange and run each of your PayStand accounts.

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