Business Payments for the Digital Age

There's $550 billion stuck in pre-internet paper, plastic, & manual processes. The Financial Revolution is here. Get your money faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost.

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The Modern Payment Platform Built for Business



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Next-gen B2B Payment Engine

Seamlessly accept electronic payments in your invoices, website, billing systems, and mobile applications.  Our gateway intelligently routes between multiple payment methods (eCheck, ACH, Credit and Debit Cards) to create more choice, speed-up tracking and simplify reporting.  It's money movement democratized.

Smart Financial Automation

Enterprise payments are more than just transactions. With our platform, you can finally digitize your receivables and move your manual financial processes to the cloud. Imagine automating your transactions, creating faster time-to-cash, full 3-way reconciliation, real-time analytics, recurring billing and lowering your DSO.

Sophisticated Human Experience

An enlightened interface designed by people for people. Every Paystand account comes with a beautiful admin dashboard, intuitive reporting, and an elegant checkout experience. Finally, financial software built for the digital age. 

Disruptive Business Model

Introducing a better way: Payments-as-a-Service. The payment industry's first value enhanced, SaaS deployed model. Instead of giving up a percentage cut of your transactions, we offer flat-rate plans that will reduce your costs and increase profit margins. 

Full Spectrum Customization

Stop compromising. One size does not fit all in B2B. Paystand gives you full control of your process, is easy to customize with your own branding, and has powerful APIs to embed our full payment suite within your existing systems. 


Paystand for Your Industry 


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Payments That Keep Up with the Pace of Business


Flexible Payment Rails

PayStand gives you multiple payment options in the same checkout-- eCheck & ACH, Debit & Credit cards.  Steer customers to your preferred payment method with our dynamic discounting engine.

Key Data Integrations

Your transaction data shouldn't be siloed. Connect every payment to all of your critical business tools: ERP, eCommerce, mail, CRM, and accounting systems. And of course, all of this data can be downloaded in CSV format.

Branded Experience

You've worked hard to establish your unique brand, and your payment system shouldn't interfere with that. Paystand offers several levels of custom branding within interfaces, from embedding your logo on the checkout window and receipts, to a full white-label integration.

Rich Developer API

Paystand provides a rich, flexible, and restful API to integrate a fully functional payment layer in your product or platform. We support implementations from high growth startups to enterprise OEM partnerships.

Full Access to Customer Data

Your payment processor shouldn't stand in between you and your customers. Discover who your best customers are, their payment history, and harness complete contact information from our APIs to link to your CRM.

Quick Payment Buttons

Easily drop-in payment buttons on your web site, emails, or invoices for a seamless, embedded payment experience—without any major coding. Payment amounts can be set in advance or alternatively, customers can fill in the amount.

Automated Settlement

With Paystand's automated withdrawal feature, your bank account will be credited on a regular schedule with your revenue streams as frequently as every 24 hours.

Enterprise-grade Reporting Dashboard

Key revenue insights and the metrics you need to grow your business. Keep a close watch on Lifetime Value, Average Revenue per Customer, Active Recurring Revenue, and a whole lot more.

Guaranteed Value With 0% Options

Our innovative Payments-as-a-Service model is designed for your business. We're on your side to help you avoid paying high percentage bank fees, eliminate your reconciliation charges, lessen your manual efforts, lower your cost of capital, and reduce churn.

Scheduled & Recurring Billing

Want to break out payments or invoices over time? It's easy to set up automated, recurring billing in Paystand. Set up monthly, annual or even custom schedules to support, subscriptions, future invoices, rentals, utilities, and other high-ticket items.

Secure Billing Portal

Reduce PCI Scope with our out-of-the-box payment pages. Provide a secure payment experience by generating unique payment links for your customers. Simply share your payment link with a customer to get all of the work-flow you need with a fraction of the work.

Fund on File

Tokenization is a new term making waves in the payment industry. Our fund on file token is a secure method that gives you control to authorize, charge, and re-use your customers' payment methods without accessing their private information directly.   

Security & Advanced Fraud Protection

As a PCI DSS certified payment processor, Paystand adheres to the latest security and fraud prevention standards. Unlike many payment processors, Paystand works closely with our clients to prevent fraudulent payments which can lead to chargebacks and harm credit rating.

Direct Bank Debits

Move on from paper checks. Allow your customers to pay you directly from their bank account using the eCheck option. You can enable eCheck payments alongside or exclusive of cards. Your customers securely authorize the debit using their online banking login. It's as quick and easy as a card but without the percentage costs.

Real-Time Bank Verification

This is not a legacy ACH system. Connect instantly with 16,000 banks to authenticate identity, verify good funds, and track payment settlement.

Instant Checkout

Keep your customers on your site with Paystand's inline checkout. We've streamlined the payment process to the fewest clicks possible. No more cumbersome forms or 3rd party redirects that disconnect your customer at the critical moment of payment.

Virtual Terminal

Set up and process payments directly from your admin dashboard. Take phone, mail, and fax orders directly from your computer. Automate manual charging and batch process contract payments.

Real Human Support

We know how frustrating it is to have problems with a payment and be unable to get your payment processor on the phone. At Paystand, your success means our success, so you'll speak to a real person over the phone when you need answers.

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