Make Collections A Revenue Engine

Drive more efficiency across your AR organization with automated invoicing and collections.

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Scheduled and recurring payments

Your teams shouldn't be spending time on manual, tedious processes. With Paystand, you can eliminate the manual overhead of payment collection, making payment collections a more efficient and automated process.

  • Use Scheduled Payments to set up monthly, annual or even custom schedules
  • Enable AutoPay for customers with authorized funds on file
  • Set up Recurring Payments for customers who have regularly payment terms

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Manage receivables from anywhere

Business continuity is critical. With the Paystand Collections Suite you can manage accounting operations and collect payments remotely, from anywhere your teams are.

  • Our Virtual Terminal lets you enter customer payment information on their behalf
  • Use Fund on File for authorized customer payments
  • Give your team a robust platform to manage receivables in one place

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Automate your manual payments process

Imagine never having to open an envelope and match payments to invoices again. How much time could your team save? With Paystand's automated reconciliation, payments are immediately applied against invoices with no human intervention.

  • Apply payments automatically to invoices with immediate reconciliation
  • Settle and record transactions directly in your ERP system
  • Save valuable time by freeing your team to focus on strategic projects

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“We’re excited to now infuse the power of Receivables Automation within our existing Paystand digital payment platform to improve our A/R processes, saving time and money!”

Danny Koo

Director of Finance, OneSource Process