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“We're in a period of explosive growth. Our Finance team needed to get ahead of the curve and ensure we were not a bottleneck for the company. Paystand was the solution we needed. It allowed our Finance team to stay one step ahead.”

AJ Heffernan, Director of Finance & Operations, Choozle
AJ Heffernan

Director of Finance & Operations

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Speed up your time to cash and increase customer engagement

The Paystand Bank Network is the most complete digital payment network available to businesses. With a bank network that covers over 90% of the US banking market and 98% of all commercial accounts, we offer automated settlement to deliver your funds quickly and securely.

Our Payments-as-a-Service model is the industry's first value-based, SaaS deployed software platform for payments. Instead of giving up a percentage cut of your transactions, our flat-rate plans reduce your costs and increase profit margins.


Zero fees

The Paystand Bank Network is our zero-fee, digital payment network that gives you access to real-time fund transfers. It’s the easiest, safest way to send and receive money. And our proprietary Least Cost Routing technology lets you turn on legacy payment rails in your online checkout while still helping customers make the shift to zero-fee, digital payments.

This gives you more control over your costs while maintaining flexibility for your customers. You can even offer alternative payments that calculate your customer's savings in the checkout window.


Real-time fund verification

Connect instantly with over 98% of all banks to authenticate identity, verify good funds, and track payment settlement. With our real-time fund verification, you can immediately determine if you have sufficient funds to pay. This eliminates chargebacks, processing fees, and costly, time-intensive follow-up.

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Built-in Assurety

Assurety is the blockchain-based, payment authentication process unique to the Paystand Bank Network. It creates an automatically notarized record trail that is secure, certified, and fully auditable. Records can’t be altered in any way, assuring transactions on the Paystand Bank Network are valid and free of tampering.

  • Identifies fraudulent receipts in real-time.
  • Guarantees payments are free of tampering.
  • Provides verified, fully-auditable payment history
Paystand Network - Choose Bank Account

Seamless payments

From branding to checkout to fund transfer, the Paystand Bank Network is the most seamless and intuitive way for you and your customers to send and receive money. Our checkout experience makes the payment touchpoint a memorable one for your customers. And with full customization and a powerful set of APIs, you have ultimate control over the payments experience.

Faster time-to-cash

Speed up time-to-cash and reduce DSO by over 50% when using the Paystand Bank Network to send and receive money.

Assurety blue
Assurety blockchain

Access a fully auditable, permanent record of any payment transaction with 100% certainty it has not been altered.

Save money

Deliver a superior customer experience while driving down costs by offering our zero-fee digital payment option.

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