3 New Features in Paystand's Sage Intacct Integration

Jun 29, 2023 by Zazil Martinez

Streamline your accounts receivable processes with Paystand and Sage Intacct's integration. Its latest enhancements, the Payer Portal, advanced filtering, and dispute resolution, help gain real-time visibility and improve efficiency.

If your trusted ERP is Sage Intacct and you already have the Paystand integration, you surely enjoy its countless benefits. From collecting payments to automating processes, this partnership makes accounts receivable easy.

One of the Paystand Portal's greatest benefits is how automating the AR process helps save resources —especially time. Hundreds of monthly hours are now leveraged to focus on more strategic tasks instead of tedious manual ones.

As part of Paystand's constant innovation and desire to make collections more manageable, we developed three new features to help AR teams further.

These features are easy to use and designed to streamline your receivables processes. Continue reading and discover what's new in the Paystand-Sage integration.


Payer Portal

The Payer Portal is a comprehensive dashboard that offers real-time visibility into your AP balances. This includes due invoices and pending payable amounts. You can also view and manage transactions, make payments, and streamline AP operations.

Our Payer Portal simplifies the payment process, making it easy to view and pay your invoices through the portal. The Payer Portal also lets you:

  • Reduce administrative burdens and improve efficiency.
  • Track payments and resolve issues quickly and transparently.
  • Reduce the risk of payment errors, and improve financial performance.

Filtering Receivables

The Paystand dashboard now offers enhanced filtering capabilities to streamline your receivables management.

This level of flexibility empowers you to identify specific subsets of receivables. It provides invaluable insights for your decision-making process.

Whether you need to track outstanding payments and overdue invoices or assess collection performance, these filters help to navigate and maximize the receivables management experience.

You can filter invoices by:

  • Status (Current, Overdue, Paid, Unpaid, or Canceled)
  • Customer
  • Currency (only USD and CAD available)
  • Collections (Collection plan or Autopay).

You can use more than one filter at a time. For example: use the filter "customer" and "overdue," and you will see all overdue invoices of that specific customer.

Besides filtering, two extra options are available:

  • Sort receivables. Sort the receivables in ascending or descending order according to the issue date.
  • Select receivables. Select invoices by checking the box on the left of the customer's name. You can also select various invoices from the same customer simultaneously.

This feature lets you locate and analyze receivables based on specific criteria to identify patterns, trends, and potential bottlenecks within your receivables. It empowers you to track their status and take timely action.


Reconciling Disputes

In the past, reconciling disputes was a process that could take days. The process was manual, tedious, and cumbersome. This is because tracking the corresponding invoice, deposit, and bank statement is necessary. Now, reconciliation is easy, secure, and fast, thanks to Paystand's new feature.

To successfully reconcile reopened invoices in case of disputes, you need to follow two steps: create a new journal entry to balance the reversed payment and then reconcile this new journal entry and the payment reversal. This is all it takes to reconcile disputes. Paystand does the process automatically.


Unlock the Power of Streamlined AR Management with Paystand

Sage Intacct and Paystand's integration brings many benefits to streamlining your AR processes. With the latest enhancements, management becomes even more efficient and effective.

The Payer Portal offers real-time visibility into AP balances, reducing administrative burdens and improving efficiency and financial performance.

The enhanced filters empower you to identify specific subsets of receivables, providing invaluable insights for decision-making.

Reconciling disputes is now easy and secure with Paystand's automated process. It simplifies the resolution of disputes, saving you valuable time.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Paystand's integration with Sage Intacct, and unlock your AR management's full potential. Optimize your processes and focus on strategic tasks with confidence.