5 Best Resources in the Sage Intacct Learning Center

Aug 4, 2022 by Sage Thee

From the comprehensive quarterly updates that come free for all users to the long list of integrations with other leading business tools, Sage Intacct goes above and beyond. It’s one of the leading financial management platforms on the market, especially for growing and mid-market companies wanting to replace their current accounting software (often QuickBooks) with something more capable and cloud-based. But Sage Intacct is also one of the top options on the market in terms of teaching users how to master everything the platform has to offer.

Of course, most modern software vendors offer some form of training support. But that often takes the form of basic tutorials and a few explainer videos. Learning everything the software can do and how best to leverage all those features requires the help of expensive outside consultants for lack of better resources.

Sage Intacct takes a different track. It goes to great lengths to make in-depth, user-friendly training content widely available to the user base. And because of that, Sage Intacct users get more from the software in less time. It’s one of the most exciting components of this financial management platform, which is why we decided to focus this blog on it and highlight some of the best resources available.

What is the Sage Intacct Learning Center?

The Sage Intacct Learning Center is a comprehensive collection of resources with two purposes. The first is to help individual users learn the ins and outs of Sage Intacct, especially the features and functions that matter most to their workflows or responsibilities. The second is to help organizations teach users Sage Intacct in an efficient, informative, and cost-effective way.

Resources in the Sage Intacct Learning Center fall into several categories. Many are on-demand courses that users can complete at their own pace and schedule, each focused on a specific feature of the software. Others are instructor-led courses with experts on hand to explain details and answer questions. Sage Intacct partners can find resources in the Learning Center to help them prepare for and pass certification examinations. Subscriptions are also an option for organizations that want full access to all the best Sage Intacct resources available for everyone on the team. For any part of the software or any preferred learning style, the Sage Intacct Learning Center most likely has resources to match. It’s designed to be a complete training solution – the one and only resource a company needs to get users comfortable using the software and capable with all it can do.

How Do I Access the Sage Intacct Learning Center?

Once you have Sage Intacct implemented, you simply need to request an account to the Learning Center and enable a sign-on through the platform. After that, you will log in within Sage Intacct to access all that the Learning Center has to offer.

The Learning Center has a full course catalog of both on-demand and instructor-led courses. The on-demand course can be started at any time, whereas instructor-led courses require advanced scheduling. Likewise, some of the courses are free while others require an upfront fee.

Anyone who registers for a course will need a computer (laptop or desktop) with an internet connection and supported browser, and either a phone, VOIP headset, or computer speaker for audio. Registration only applies to one person; peers and coworkers must register separately to attend the same courses.

5 Best Resources in the Sage Intacct Learning Center

The “best resources” are different for every company and accounting team depending on what they aim to do. That being said, some of the resources available are worthwhile for anyone and everyone, including courses on:

  • Sage Intacct Fundamentals – Consider this mandatory for first-time Sage Intacct users. Over 8 hours, this course covers how to perform all the core accounting functions in Sage Intacct.
  • Financial Reporting and Dashboards – Sage Intacct has some of the best reporting tools on the market. After this course, anyone can build their own reports without IT assistance or go a step further and build data dashboards that update key metrics in real-time. It’s a huge asset for decision-makers.
  • Creating Custom Fields On-Demand – Users can easily customize Sage Intacct to suit their exact accounting requirements after learning how to create their own fields. Customized fields make accounting workflows more efficient and financial reports more descriptive. The more the better.
  • Working With Accounts Receivable – Accounts receivable is too important to be imperfect. This course helps users automate much of their AP process. It also reveals where additional AP tools integrated with Sage Intacct could potentially upgrade the process even further.
  • Advanced Reporting and Insights – For users that want to find all the insights hidden inside their data, this instructor-led course shows you how to take reporting and discovery to the next level. Attendees will learn from a Sage Intacct expert how to report in more depth and detail than before and how to report on more diverse subjects, leaving no stone unturned.

Making the Most of the Sage Intacct Learning Center

The Sage Intacct Learning Center is really an amazing resource – but only for the companies that take full advantage of it. Here’s how:

  • Publicize and Promote – Tell everyone about the Learning Center, show them how to access it, and encourage them to explore the resources within.
  • Fund and Facilitate – Commit to paying for as many courses as possible, and give attendees the time and flexibility they need to fully invest themselves in the materials. Said differently, don’t (accidentally or intentionally) undercut all the value the Sage Intacct Learning Center has to offer.
  • Anticipate and Evolve – Evaluate what skills the accounting team will need to acquire or improve based on future forecasts, then take courses to improve in those areas. More than just a way to improve at Sage Intacct, the Learning Center helps the accounting team stay fresh, relevant, and valuable.

In addition to being a vast improvement over basic, introductory accounting solutions, Sage Intacct is easy to adapt to—thanks to support resources like the Learning Center. Switching to something better and hitting the ground running could not be simpler.