6 Best Resources in the NetSuite Learning Center

Aug 12, 2022 by Kelsey Banerjee

As one of the most popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems on the market today, Oracle NetSuite offers several educational services. The NetSuite Learning Center stands out as one of the most accessible continuous learning opportunities on the platform.

This professional service makes NetSuite training a cinch, as users can tap into the resources whenever they have time or if they have specific questions.

All you need to access every single NetSuite course on the platform is a single subscription. With a Learning Cloud Support (LCS) pass, you can log in to the NetSuite Learning Center portal 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But before we can delve into the best parts of the NetSuite experience, let's define the Learning Center.

What is the NetSuite Learning Center?

The NetSuite Learning Center is a hub of NetSuite ERP online training. There are three ways that a user can choose to engage in continuous learning on the platform:

  • NetSuite Course These are complete, end-to-end courses based around a specific module, such as accounting, automation, or creating a sales order.
  • Learning Path These training modules are based on specific business needs and NetSuite questions, like "How to manage vendor credits" or "How to create reports."
  • Live Events Users may be invited to live training sessions.

You likely already have an idea of what feature or process you want to master. You can filter online training programs by keyword, job function, NetSuite topic, and language.

What is NetSuite certification?

The NetSuite learning portal also offers certification programs for both individuals, partners, and NetSuite users. There are various certifications you can apply for, including:

  • SuiteFoundation
  • Administrator
  • ERP Consultant
  • SuiteCloud Developer II

There are also two shorter certification programs for NetSuite users, the Suite Analytics certification and the Financial User certification.

User-level programs are shorter, more concise, and have fewer technical courses. This is geared towards professionals using the program as users, but not necessarily administrators or developers.

To become NetSuite certified, you must take an exam online or in person. Exams are in English. Administrator exam fees are $250, and user-level fees are $150 per exam.

6 Best Resources in the NetSuite Learning Center

1. Searchable Transcripts

Every course video includes a transcript. This is ideal for NetSuite users looking for a specific solution to an immediate problem, as you can search the transcript. Using the search bar under the transcript tab, you can immediately find sections of the video, as long as you know a potential keyword. This productivity hack will save you time, as you don't need to skip through the video or meticulously scan the transcript for answers.

2. Hands-On Labs

Not every course offers hands-on activities, but those that do make it easier than ever to master the NetSuite software. For example, under the "Labs" tab in a specific course video, you can request a lab. This can take up to two business days to process, but you will gain access to relevant practice materials to fine-tune your NetSuite training.

3. Nifty Student Guides

In addition to the videos and scripts, most courses come with student guides. These guides are excellent references and sometimes "cheat sheets." Let's face it—the NetSuite software is extensive and sometimes complex. These study guides can be used to remind you of your online training when you are working with the platform in real-time.

4. Save Specific Content

Some learning paths or courses will be more useful than others, depending on your specific business needs. One feature that can prove useful is favoriting training videos for complex or rarely-used skills. This way, if you ever second-guess your process or need to review a specific NetSuite solution, all you need to do is visit your favorites list and locate the video.

5. Ask the Instructor

Outside of the online materials, users can also ask a NetSuite expert about course-related functions or features. Direct access to the instructor also keeps you from having to tediously comb through the NetSuite Knowledge Base or Help Center. Instructors should respond within 24 hours.

6. Live Training

To top off the NetSuite experience, users can access live training options on various business processes. Not only can you follow along with a live NetSuite ERP training or course, but you can also ask questions in real-time and get immediate feedback. You can also learn from what other users ask in the live event.

Optimize Your NetSuite Solution

There are several ways to make your NetSuite experience more efficient outside of its training videos. The right payments integration can reduce costs, streamline cash flow, and free up time for your accounting team. This means more time spent on high-value activities, including perfecting your business processes in NetSuite.

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