How to Use the NetSuite Payment Plugin To Email An Invoice with a Digital ‘Pay Now’ Button in your e-Invoice

Feb 23, 2018 by Kenzie Earle

In our last article, we wrote about the features to consider when choosing a NetSuite payment plugin to cut costs, improve efficiency, and eliminate manual processing. These features will help you maximize your NetSuite investment.

In this article, we will review the general set up and implementation you can expect from a top payment plugin in NetSuite. This plugin will help you digitize your receivable payment cycle and more easily transition from invoice to cash.

Step 1: Install and configure your payment plugin

Many of the leading payment modules can be found in both NetSuite’s Marketplace and directly on a payment site. (Pro tip, look for a plugin with auto-reconciliation, multiple payment rails and full digitization options.)

Step 2: Now that it is installed,  your next step is to choose a customer with an outstanding balance. This information should be available from your NetSuite records. 

 NS 1.png


Step 3.  Send the invoice – your customer will receive a message similar to the one in the image below. They should now have a “Pay Now” or “Pay Invoice” button so they can immediately settle the balance through digital payment.

NS 2.png 

Step 4. The top payment plugins for NetSuite, such as PayStands will allow your customers to choose the type of rail through which they should remit payment i.e, eCheck, card or ACH. Multiple payment rails are important because this will end up being a big cost saver. With access into our 0% payment network through eCheck and ACH, it may be wise to only allow these two rails as options for your higher transaction amounts. This has also been proved to increase payment remittance by making it the most convenient as possible for your customers preferences to be allowable.  

 NS 3.png

Step 5 -  After your customer submits their payment method, they will receive a notification that their balance is now settled.

  NS 4.png

You should also have the option to email your customer a digital receipt of payment in NetSuite:  Leaders in NetSuite payment plugins like PayStand, can also be configured to send customer branded receipts if desired.

NS 5.png 


Step 6. An important consideration is to find a payment platform that offers a feature-rich back office dashboard. They should have critical capabilities such as reporting and the ability to refund payment from within the dashboard - as seen in the right side of the image below. Internally, you should have visibility into the payment life-cycle (as well as the payment history of that same customer) as shown below:

 NS 6.png

Step 6. A) Because the plugin is coordinating all of the systems' communication, you should be able to view the reconciliation of your NetSuite records, showing the invoice has been paid in full:

 NS 7.png

Step 7. “Integration Application ID” is the “Application ID” of the Integration record created above.

By sending e-invoices within NetSuite with a “Pay Now” button, you can now begin better automating your receivables! Stay tuned for guides that explain how to set up a virtual terminal and how to add email templates and Advanced PDF/HTML templates of invoices. If you have any questions or need additional clarification, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer any inquiries you may have!

PayStand has a NetSuite plugin that offers all of the above-mentioned tools. Feel free to contact us to discuss further.

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