Introducing our New and Improved Features for Sage Intacct Customers

Oct 21, 2022 by Sage Thee

We recently announced our latest upgrades to our Sage Intacct integration. Paystand’s improved Smart Lockbox and Payer Portal provide Sage Intacct users with enterprise-grade multi-entity support, automated collections, multi-invoicing, virtual terminal, and auto-pay.

Our engineering team designed these new and improved features to help businesses increase their cash velocity by giving them access to B2B payment processing that’s cashless, feeless, and intuitive. With our most recent updates, our Sage Intacct users now have access to the following:

  • Multi-entity support for merchants — Support for multiple organizational entities, typically based on geographic locations and business units.
  • Automated collections — Automatically send a series of email reminders pre-set on frequency, tone, and message track open rates.
  • Multiple invoices — Send a single consolidated payment request for multiple invoices, and enable payers to pay multiple invoices with one payment.
  • Virtual terminal — Enable AR staff to capture payment methods as reusable tokens and take payment from customers on the go.
  • Autopay — Eliminate the time spent manually following up and enable faster time to cash with self-driving payments for invoices and sales orders.
  • Payments in Canadian Dollars — Enables all merchants to accept and settle payments in Canadian Dollars.

Our Smart Lockbox just got even smarter

With Paystand’s Smart Lockbox, a next-gen alternative to traditional lockbox services that enables a fully digitized cash cycle, businesses can say goodbye to the errors, delays, and excessive processing costs previously associated with checks.

Our Smart Lockbox offers automated reconciliation of check payments, options for merchants to send subsequent invoices as email-enabled invoices with online payment options, a centralized collections process and reduced receivables risk with 24/7 payment tracking, and remote remittance options that eliminate the need to even touch a paper check. Eliminate long set-up times and reconciliation efforts — all from within Sage Intacct, your trusted ERP system.

Paystand Payer Portal

In addition to our Smart Lockbox, we’ve unveiled our new Payer Portal, an update to our original Sage Intacct integration that empowers merchants with more visibility into their end-customer payers.

Today, AR teams with a high volume of invoices need a persistent and centralized portal where they can track all their past and outstanding invoices without spending countless hours digging through their email inboxes to stay up to date. The Payer Portal makes this possible, empowering AR teams to:

  • Reference all invoices when reconciling their invoices and payments in a single portal
  • Offer payers the option of paying instantly by clicking on any invoice visible in the portal
  • Access increased visibility into the payment process through a completely secure system
  • Retain the flexibility of sending individual, email-based PayNow requests

Break free from legacy AR and payment infrastructure

Our mission is to provide businesses with fast, efficient, and profitable payments. Finance teams partner with Paystand because our subscription-based model guarantees predictable operating expenses (OpEx) and a lower per-payment transaction cost as their company grows. Our automated B2B payments network speeds up time-to-cash up to 80%, reduces manual intervention by 50%, eliminates credit card fees, and scales up to handle up to double the invoice and payment volumes.

It’s time to say goodbye to unnecessary credit card fees and slow payments that eat away at your hard-earned cash. Snag your free copy of our ebook to learn more actionable ways to increase your cash velocity.