Unlocking NetSuite Certification: Answers to the Most Common Questions

Apr 1, 2024 by Zazil Martinez

In today's competitive job market, having specialized skills can make all the difference. NetSuite certification is one credential that demonstrates expertise in this cloud-based software and ERP payments. Whether you're an aspiring professional or an experienced user looking to enhance your skills, unlocking NetSuite certification can open doors to new opportunities.

Sometimes, the workplace needs more than an individual's knowledge of work software. Consider these scenarios:

  • You must delegate a task to a co-worker, but they must learn to complete it in NetSuite.
  • You're looking to hire a new professional but must test their NetSuite experience.
  • You're training staff on how to use Netsuite, but there are some questions you need help answering.
  • You have questions about the program but need to figure out who to ask.

NetSuite certification takes accounting professionals' skill sets to the next level. Here’s how to get Netsuite certified.


What is NetSuite Certification?

NetSuite certification helps you become an expert in this cloud-based ERP system. It offers a range of certifications for specific skills and functional areas. Businesses need the skills to use the system and find experts to provide NetSuite training and support. This ongoing process helps drive productivity, efficiency, and growth.

The NetSuite Customer Cloud Learning Center offers on-demand courses and live webinars to help you build skills. The certification portal provides free study guides and practice tests. Using the platform is the most effective way to increase NetSuite knowledge.

There are also many third-party training options. You can find on-demand NetSuite courses on sites like Udemy or free tutorials on YouTube, or you can invest in live training services.

There are seven different certification programs divided into two groups: administrator and user.

  • Administrator. This exam is for professionals who need to know the ins and outs of NetSuite in detail. This is great for managers, developers, and consultants who want to understand NetSuite's ERP and system fully. There are four certification exams for this level:
  1. SuiteFoundation
  2. Administrator
  3. ERP Consultant
  4. SuiteCloud Developer II

Study for the SuiteFoundations exam and the Administrator certification to advance in your organization. To access advanced certifications, you must complete the NetSuite courses listed in the Learning Center.

  • User. This certification is ideal for accounting and finance professionals who use SuiteAnaytlics. Its two exams are shorter and focused on specific NetSuite functions. There are two certification exams for this level:
  1. SuiteAnalytics
  2. Financial

If you're using the NetSuite ERP, you will benefit from the Financial and SuiteAnalytics certifications. The Financial exam will help you understand each standard module for accounting functions, while the SuiteAnalytics exam provides more support in reporting.

You must take the Annual Release Quiz annually to maintain your Administrator-level certifications. This is a brief test that covers two recently released features. This regular quiz is open-booked and non-proctored, so it's a smooth process.

User certifications don't need regular quizzes or exams to keep their status "Current."


How Hard is NetSuite Certification?

NetSuite doesn't reveal the passing score because each exam has its grading criteria. But it's possible to score more than 50% on all sections in an exam and still fail. So if you score less than 50% on any section, you will get a notification and your results immediately.


How Much Does Netsuite Certification Cost?

Each exam has its fee and registration fee.

  • Administrator certification exams cost $250 to register for and $150 to retake.
  • User certification exams have a $150 registration fee and a $150 retake fee.


Is NetSuite Certification Worth It?

There are many benefits to investing in NetSuite certification. Some advantages of taking and passing the certification exams are:

  • Access to a close-knit NetSuite professional network, including a closed LinkedIn group.
  • Stand out from other candidates when pursuing new professional opportunities.
  • Streamline your processes on NetSuite.
  • A better understanding of the NetSuite skills when training and hiring workers.
  • Get NetSuite discounts for training your employees.
  • Improve the quality of your implementation.
  • Establish benchmarks for using NetSuite.

NetSuite Certification Your Key to Success

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