8 Resources to Scale Your NetSuite Skills

Dec 7, 2021 by Kelsey Banerjee

Oracle's NetSuite is one of the top ERPs for AR departments worldwide, and it's no surprise. ERP solutions like Netsuite have been proven to boost processes for 95% of businesses. But picking and installing a chosen platform is only the first step.

For many Netsuite users, the advantage of a digital accounting process isn't just completing expense reports, reviewing KPIs, and tracking transactions in the cloud. It's the fact that Netsuite's ERP is highly customizable, so it can be used to match any company's specific accounting workflow.

But not every AR specialist wants to become a NetSuite pro. They just want to get things done.

The good news is that there are resources that fit both kinds of users.

Whether you are looking for best practices, shortcuts, or additional business applications to plug into your ERP, there's a little something out there for every situation. In this list, we've compiled our top resources for accounting teams using NetSuite.

Top Resources to Boost Your NetSuite Skills

1. Classic Certifications

If you prefer courses and test-taking, NetSuite's collection of certification courses is a great place to start. Oracle offers an array of official training resources in its Educational Services section. Their specific NetSuite Certification course covers everything from the CRM to ERP, customization options, standard records types, and more information. In addition to their foundational course, they offer an accounting and finance-specific course.

But if you're not interested in a formal certification, another course-friendly option is NetSuite's Cloud Pass subscription, which gives users access to additional training materials.

2. SuiteAnswers

Have a quick question about how to do something on NetSuite? SuiteAnswers is available to all users. In addition to thousands, and we mean thousands, of support articles, you can also find videos and other helpful documentation for any query or problem you may have.

To make use of SuiteAnswers, simply enter your NetSuite application, go to the support tab in the navigation, and click SuiteAnswers.

3. The NetSuite Reddit

By a slim chance you can't find what you're looking for in SuiteAnswers, you can learn from other NetSuite users on Reddit. This forum is an unofficial channel, but you'll find an array of topics, from information on updates to complex troubleshooting queries. You'll also find interesting discussions on integrating new technology, like Venmo, with NetSuite workflows.

4. The NetSuite Podcast

For those who love listening, NetSuite offers a freely accessibly podcast series that covers various advanced topics. From figuring out advanced analytics to the ever-changing role of accountants, this podcast is a great tool to boost your industry expertise. You can listen to the playlist on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

5. NetSuite's YouTube Channel

Similar to the podcast, NetSuite's YouTube Channel offers hundreds of in-depth videos on using their ERP, benchmarks, and other data reports. They also feature different customers on their channel, so you can learn how others businesses are using the software.

6. BSP YouTube - For More Video Tutorials

BSP is an unofficial NetSuite source, but the company offers consulting and NetSuite implementation services. As a solution provider, they provide numerous detailed tutorials, which can be useful for colleagues completely new to the program.

7. Slideshares

It's no surprise that other accountants or NetSuite integrations have drafted up slideshow tutorials. It can be worth it to collect useful slideshows to send to new hires as a "welcome kit". That way they can breeze through the basics, and then dig into the videos or supporting documents for more help.

Two examples include this guide for NetSuite shortcuts and another for creating custom fields.

8. Integration Resources

Within NetSuite's network are hundreds of quality integrations, all meant to make your life easier. And many of them include regular content on best practices, new tips and hacks, and other information on the ERP. If you already use integrations, such as AR or AP automation software, then you should check and see if they have a blog, case study, or another NetSuite-related guide. They probably do.

At least, we know we do. For example, you can check our out eGuide for finding the Best Payment Application for NetSuite or download our Best Practices Kit.

Power Up Your ERP

Expanding your NetSuite capabilities is easier than ever. Between official resources, unofficial tutorials, and integration guides, there is something for everyone.

But ideally, your NetSuite program should be streamlining your business processes. But the best way to really improve your workflow with little or no work is through automation. An end-to-end accounts receivable automation workflow that syncs with your NetSuite program in real-time is essential for modern businesses. Not only does it save you time and money, but a solid automation platform can significantly reduce your DSO, so your organization's cash flow is healthier than ever.

To learn more about how you can power up your NetSuite ERP through automating your payments process, schedule a demo with us today.