How Do You Become Sage Intacct Certified?

Sep 16, 2022 by Sage Thee

If you’re a Sage Intacct partner, it only makes sense to get Sage Intacct certified. We will outline why and how below, but first, a quick introduction.

Sage Intacct offers two certifications: Accounting Specialist and Implementation Specialist. Either (or both) come with significant advantages for a business. In order to develop an extensive and consistent network of robust partners, Sage Intacct makes it easy for partners to pursue certification.

There are compelling reasons to get started with Sage Intacct certification and few obstacles standing in the way. Here’s your guide.

Why Become Sage Intacct Certified?

Sage Intacct certification designates those partners who have undergone training and education provided by Sage Intacct in particular. As such, it’s the most accurate, in-depth, and insightful training available on best utilizing or implementing Sage Intacct. One reason to become certified is because it’s the surest way to learn the software and master what it can do.

An even more compelling reason to get certified is that it signals to potential clients that you are aligned with and approved by Sage Intacct. Companies that want to take advantage of what Sage Intacct can do only want to work with the best partners available, and certification provides that proof. Getting certified gives you the right to put a “certified” logo on social media, email signatures, websites, and anywhere else that could help to establish the quality and credibility of your services.

In that way, getting Sage Intacct certified can improve customer acquisition and boost the bottom line in ways that few (if any) other strategies can match. That’s the best case of all for why to get certified.

Where to Become Sage Intacct Certified

The entire certification process happens online. ****That’s on purpose. By eliminating the need to travel and be someplace specific, Sage Intacct helps more partners pursue certification. Some teams have one or two Sage Intacct certified specialists, and others have their entire team get certified, but either way, Sage Intacct makes it easy to add comprehensive training and credentialing to the accounting team. How does certification complement your strategy?

How to Become Sage Intacct Certified

Certification happens through the Sage Intacct Learning Center. There’s an upfront fee (costs vary and change regularly, so contact Sage Intacct about current pricing). Payment unlocks everything you need to earn certification.

There are mandatory training courses that cover essential knowledge about Sage Intacct. There are also optional, self-paced courses users can take to enhance their expertise in particular subjects or skills. After completing the mandatory curriculum, students must pass final examinations that put their ability and aptitude to the test.

Provided you meet the high standards set by Sage Intacct, you earn certification and all the privileges and benefits that come with it.

Organizations, departments, and teams cannot become Sage Intacct certified – only individuals can. Therefore, another part of becoming certified is planning who will get the certification and how that will affect their other duties. Will they have to use their own time and money for it? When will they need to earn certification? When will the next person start this process? These are important questions to ask and answer before certification ever starts.

Who Should Get Sage Intacct Certified?

The two certifications – accounting specialist and implementation specialist – apply to different kinds of professionals, but many companies employ both and therefore have both certifications.

The accounting specialist certification applies to accountants who utilize Sage Intacct as part of the accounting services they provide to clients. Certification means they know how to utilize the full suite of tools in Sage Intacct (the only AICPA-approved financial software on the market) to provide exemplary accounting services. Any accountant could benefit from being certified. In particular, any accountant or accounting firm that wants to stand out in a competitive market and cultivate an image of being “tech-driven” gains something significant from certification.

The implementation specialist certification applies to IT specialists, teams, departments, or companies that implement Sage Intacct. They may also offer accounting services (in which case they want/need both certifications), or they could focus entirely on the tech side of things. Certification communicates to anyone seeking a Sage Intacct implementation specialist that a firm has the experience, expertise, and endorsement of the vendor. Those partners will always win out over partners without certification since software implementations are so challenging but so important to get right. Therefore, certification comes with exciting competitive advantages.

Of course, anyone considering Sage Intacct certification must also consider the cost and time commitment. But, as we have stressed elsewhere, Sage Intacct wants to have as many quality partners as possible, so they make certification affordable and flexible, among a range of other services, commitments, and perks designed to help Sage Intacct partners flourish. For anyone involved with Sage Intacct, the better question is, why shouldn’t you get certified?

When to Get Sage Intacct Certified?

The sooner the better. Since certification enhances both the quality and marketability of the services a certified partner provides, there’s no reason to wait. On the contrary, earning certification and leveraging the partnership with Sage Intacct should be strategic priorities from day one. The numbers don’t lie: companies do better when they leverage the Sage Intacct partnership for all its worth, so plan to get started ASAP. Fortunately, the certification process can start at any time.

Paystand + Sage Intacct Certification

A major strength of Sage Intacct compared to other financial management platforms is the long list of robust integrations available. Paystand, a leading platform for B2B payments and accounts receivable, is one of the many solutions that can share data with Sage Intacct to streamline workflows, eliminate errors, and maximize productivity. With Paystand and Sage Intacct working together, accounts receivable perform better than ever while requiring far less input than before.

Whether you use or implement Sage Intacct, the addition of Paystand can extend the services you offer. And just like Sage Intacct certification, it can make your business look more attractive than others. Anyone looking to make Sage Intacct a core component of their business should look closer at what Paystand adds to the equation.

Offering the only zero-fee B2B payments app for Sage Intacct, Paystand’s Sage Intacct Integration can take your accounts receivable management from “better” to “best,” with one-of-a-kind features built to integrate seamlessly within your Sage Intacct dashboard such as embedded payment links, multiple payment rails, the zero-fee Paystand Bank Network, and automated cash application and reconciliation.

Are you worried about “stagflation”? You’re not alone. Mid-market companies are especially worried about the combination of declining revenue and inflationary cost increases. Check out our on-demand webinar to learn more about standing strong in a turbulent economic environment with Paystand and Sage Intacct.