How Do You Become Sage Intacct Certified?

Mar 10, 2023 by Sage Thee

Sage Intacct is a financial management platform that provides users with in-depth and user-friendly training to learn and master the platform. Its two certifications, Accounting Specialist and Implementation Specialist, allow users to get the most from the software in less time. Becoming certified proves to potential clients that you are aligned with and approved by Sage Intacct, improving customer acquisition and boosting the bottom line.

Sage Intacct is one of the top financial management platforms for growing and mid-market companies. It's also one of the top options for teaching users how to master everything the platform offers.

Most vendors offer training support, mostly basic tutorials and a few explainer videos. Learning how the software can leverage all features often requires an external consultant's help.

Sage Intacct takes a different track. It offers in-depth, user-friendly training content available to all users. It provides two certifications: Accounting Specialist and Implementation Specialist. Both represent significant advantages for a business. Because of that, they get more from the software in less time.

There are compelling reasons to pursue a Sage Intacct certification. Here's your guide.


Why Become Sage Intacct Certified?

Businesses often spend resources considering, selecting, and implementing the best software option. But they need to spend equal resources on training. As a result, users have a fantastic toolkit at their disposal but can't take full advantage of it.

Investing more in training seems like the solution. But increased spending doesn't lead to improvement. It's critical to find the best training resources available.

Becoming Sage Intacct certified is the surest way to learn the software and master what it can do. It's the most insightful training for best utilizing or implementing Sage Intacct.

Getting certified signals potential clients you're aligned with and approved by Sage Intacct. It allows you to add the "certified" logo on social media, email signatures, and websites, asserting your quality and credibility.

Companies want to use Sage Intacct's ability to work with the best partners. And certification provides that proof. Getting Sage Intacct certified can improve customer acquisition and boost the bottom line.


Where to Become Sage Intacct Certified

The entire certification process happens online. Sage Intacct helps more partners pursue certification by eliminating the need to be in a specific place.

Once you have implemented Sage Intacct, request an account to the Learning Center and enable a sign-on through the platform. Then, log in to Sage Intacct and access the Learning Center. Registration applies to only one person; peers and coworkers must register separately.

The Sage Intacct Learning Center is a comprehensive collection of resources with two purposes:

  1. Help individual users learn the ins and outs of Sage Intacct's features.
  2. Help organizations teach how to use Sage Intacct efficiently, informally, and cost-effectively.

The Sage Intacct Learning Center provides resources designed as a complete training solution. Partners can find resources to help them prepare for and pass certification examinations. These resources fall into different categories:

  • Subscriptions. Learning Center subscriptions have everything to ensure correct, consistent, compliant, and comprehensive software use. Subscriptions include access to on-demand courses, workbooks, lab activities, and CPE credit opportunities.
  • On-Demand Courses. These courses address subjects like financial reporting and dashboards, validating data with smart rules, recognizing contract expenses, and more. Students can start whenever they like, pause as necessary, and finish at their own pace.
  • Instructor-Led Courses. Instructor-led courses offer more advanced topics. Users can ask questions and walk through subjects like custom report creation, configuring inventory, global consolidations, and contract management. Working directly with an expert helps develop a rich foundation in these subjects.

The Learning Center has an entire course catalog of on-demand and instructor-led courses. On-demand courses can start anytime, whereas instructor-led courses require advanced scheduling. Likewise, some courses are free, while others require an upfront fee.


5 Best Resources in the Sage Intacct Learning Center

The “best resources” differ for every company and accounting team, depending on their goals. Some of the resources available are worthwhile for anyone and everyone, including courses on:

  • Sage Intacct Fundamentals. Over 8 hours, this course covers performing all the core accounting functions in Sage Intacct. Consider this mandatory for first-time Sage Intacct users.
  • Financial Reporting and Dashboards. Sage Intacct has some of the best reporting tools. After this course, anyone can build their reports without IT assistance or go further and build data dashboards that update key metrics in real-time. It’s a huge asset for decision-makers.
  • Creating Custom Fields On-Demand. Customized fields make accounting workflows more efficient and financial reports more descriptive. After learning how to create their fields, users can easily customize Sage Intacct to suit their exact accounting requirements.
  • Working With Accounts Receivable. This course helps users automate much of their AP process. It also reveals where additional AP tools integrated with Sage Intacct could further upgrade the process.
  • Advanced Reporting and Insights. This instructor-led course shows you how to take reporting and discovery to the next level by finding hidden data insights. Attendees will learn in-depth, detailed reporting from a Sage Intacct expert on diverse subjects.

How to Get a Sage Intacct Certification?

Certification happens through the Sage Intacct Learning Center. You must pay an upfront fee to unlock everything you need to earn certification.

There are mandatory training courses that cover essential knowledge about Sage Intacct. Users can also take optional courses to enhance their expertise in particular subjects. After completing the mandatory curriculum, users must pass final examinations.

Organizations, departments, and teams cannot become certified by Sage Intacct; only individuals can. Another part of becoming certified is planning who will get the certification.


Who Should Get Sage Intacct Certified?

The two certifications apply to different kinds of professionals. Many companies employ both and have both certifications.

The Accounting Specialist certification applies to accountants using Sage Intacct, certifying they know how to use the full suite of tools to provide exemplary services. Sage Intacct is the only AICPA-approved financial software in the market.

Any accountant could benefit from this certification. It helps to stand out in a competitive market, cultivating a tech-driven image.

Implementation Specialist certification applies to IT specialists, teams, departments, or companies implementing Sage Intacct. It communicates they have Sage Intacct's experience, expertise, and endorsement. Certification comes with competitive advantages over partners without it since software implementations are challenging but essential to get right.

When considering Sage Intacct certification, also think about cost and time commitment. Since Sage Intacct wants many quality partners, they make certification affordable and flexible.


Paystand + Sage Intacct Certification

A significant strength of Sage Intacct is its list of robust integrations available. Paystand is one of the many solutions that can share data with Sage Intacct to streamline workflows, eliminate errors, and maximize productivity. With Paystand and Sage Intacct working together, accounts receivable perform better and require less input.

Anyone looking to make Sage Intacct a core business component should consider what Paystand adds to the equation. Sage Intacct's addition to Paystand can extend your services. And like a certification, it can make your business look more attractive than others.

Offering the only zero-fee B2B payments app for Sage Intacct, Paystand's Sage Intacct Integration can enhance your with features that integrate within Sage Intacct dashboards such as:

  • Embedded payment links
  • Multiple payment rails
  • The zero-fee Paystand Bank Network
  • Automated cash application and reconciliation

Are you worried about "stagflation"? Mid-market companies are apprehensive about declining revenue and inflationary cost increases. Check our on-demand webinar about standing firm in a turbulent economic environment with Paystand and Sage Intacct.