Streamline Operations with NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing

Jun 30, 2022 by Julia Duarte

For years, the manufacturing industry has faced the same issues: supply chain disruptions, unorganized inventory management, and mediocre plant efficiency. As the industry continues to grow, businesses need to find ways to streamline and organize processes to maximize value. Companies have turned to software that manages finances, customer relations, and operations to address these challenges. Manufacturing companies, in particular, have found success with NetSuite, an all-encompassing solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM).

Why NetSuite for Manufacturing Companies?

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing offers a complete solution for manufacturing companies. This single integrated cloud solution provides control and visibility of the entire manufacturing process on one system. Manufacturers use it to improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, reduce reliance on disconnected third-party systems, and improve business performance and supply chain management. Built on native NetSuite ERP, NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing connects to every part of your business, such as financial reports, inventory management, and outstanding orders, ensuring a connected user experience.

Notable Features of NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing

In the form of a SuiteApp, NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing offers a wealth of features adaptable to any manufacturing business's needs, such as:

1. Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Planning out entire processes allows companies to achieve maximum capacity with available resources and equipment. The Advanced Planning and Scheduling features enable manufacturers to analyze their organization’s production capacity and find the best solution for the route of each item, optimal item start and end dates, and regulation of available resources to complete work.

With NetSuite’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling capabilities, customers use effective planning to improve capacity and resource utilization, which culminates in lower operating costs.

2. Shop Floor Management

After planning out production, the shop floor management capabilities on NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing allow manufacturers to accurately evaluate current resources, labor, machine capability, and any other supporting information specific to the company. Its priority includes tracking and reporting production orders and statuses. This feature controls and outlines the company's materials, such as machines, employees, resources, and production time.

3. Mobile Capability

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing fully supports the integration of mobile scanners to report and track manufacturing shop floor data, tracking anything from work order completion to actual labor or machine hours, as reported by the employee. Introducing mobile capability encourages production operators who may not be familiar with ERP technology to easily streamline data collection and progress reporting. In addition, NetSuite has found this mobile option improves performance, scalability, and customization support.

Connecting NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing to NetSuite

Besides the several features mentioned above, the best feature of NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing may be that it directly integrates with NetSuite, connecting data across multiple parts of your company. Now production, purchasing, marketing, technical, accounting, HR, and customer service are all synced under one umbrella.

Addressing Key Business Needs with NetSuite

Typically, the manufacturing process has a similar workflow across all companies: it begins with a materials stage, which leads to finished goods production, and ends with inventory and financial data updates. Businesses have turned to AR automation within NetSuite to streamline this process. With AR automation, companies develop a healthy cash cycle necessary for growth. Luckily, NetSuite’s AR automation features are seamlessly integrated with a company’s manufacturing operations, enabling everyone to work from a single source of finance data. For manufacturers, this dynamic allows their business to thrive by saving time, reducing operating costs, and maximizing value.

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