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3 Reasons to Consider an AR Automation Tool in Your 2021 Budget

For most CFOs, the COVID-19 crises caused a shift in priorities, leaning towards employee safety, and cutting down expenses in order to survive the unexpected economic shock that unfolded. In this environment, the careful planning and demands of building a budget for 2021 became more than routine exercise. Instead, it became a strategic imperative.

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Daniella Bourguetts Daniella Bourguetts on December 15, 2020

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How to Digitize the Enterprise Cash Cycle, Part 1: Invoicing

Digitizing the enterprise cash cycle is a complex undertaking. Some companies avoid it entirely for fear of losing customers or incurring operational expenses. Others attempt it in an effort to save time and reduce costs, but regularly miss the mark. To kick off 2019, we’ll be taking a look at the enterprise cash cycle and what it means to truly modernize your business relative to payments.

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Scott Campbell Scott Campbell on January 18, 2019

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Why Paper Checks Remain the Dominant Method of Payment in the B2B Realm

Despite widespread availability and development of digital payment methods, paper checks are still alive and well in the world of Enterprise. The phrase "paperless society" is thrown around without much weight and may have many believing that swipes of plastic, insertion of chip readers and cash transfers at the click of a mouse are the predominate means of paying bills. Where this presumption may be more relevant on a B2C basis, the reality is that in 2016, 97% of companies that participated in a research study are still using paper checks to pay vendors and receive payment from customers. Looking at this from a sheer numbers standpoint, this means that there is $550 Billion stuck in pre-Internet paper, plastic, & manual processes. The Financial Revolution is here, so what is making the paper check so seasonable?

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Kenzie Earle Kenzie Earle on April 20, 2017

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