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Stop by our Booth at Inside Bitcoins

Some might still think of Bitcoin as an emerging market, while others qualify it as a full fledged global currency. No matter where you stand, you can't ignore the intense media buzz around Bitcoin. We've seen all kinds of Bitcoin related media emerge, and one pillar of the growing bitcoin economy is Inside Bitcoins, an industry leading conference for entrepreneurs, investors, and early-adopters.

We'll be heading to Las Vegas in October to exhibit at Inside Bitcoins. This event is sure to host enthusiasts and business owners from around the world.

We'll be showcasing our product, supporting the Bitcoin community, and connecting with friends old and new. If you'll be at Inside Bitcoins, be sure to stop by our booth #212. We'll have some members of our team there to chat it up and talk innovation, the future of Bitcoin, and where we're headed.

Inside Bitcoins

October 5-7th, 2014
Flamingo Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas

Score early bird pricing if you register before September 10th. You can follow us on twitter to get our thoughts from our booth #212 and from in the sessions.

Camille Brenkwitz Camille Brenkwitz on September 5, 2014

PayStand News

Announcing: PayStand WooCommerce Plugin!

We are thrilled to announce today our latest integration with WooCommerce. Our new plugin allows WordPress merchants to directly connect PayStand to their ecommerce site and accept credit cards, ecash, and echeck through PayStand's all-in-one payment gateway.

Our friends at CoinDesk put together a great article highlighting this announcement:

You can view the original press release, here.

Developers love the ease of use of setting up and using PayStand, and merchants love our flexible payment options and multitude of features. With this launch, we hope to get closer to powering payments for the 20% of all ecommerce users who are on the WooCommerce platform.

To get started with a FREE 14-day PayStand trial, click the button below.

Camille Brenkwitz Camille Brenkwitz on September 4, 2014

PayStand News

FinDEVr 2014

To all of our Silicon Valley finance comrades, and also those of you abroad - we invite you to join us at FinDEVr in San Francisco Sept. 30 - Oct. 1 2014. FinDEVr is a conference showcasing the most innovative tools and platforms from Fintech developers. It feels really good that PayStand is on that list and included as one of the most innovative tools in the Fintech market. We've worked really hard to get here, and tirelessly try to make our product better and our offering more robust.

We'll be joined by some really excellent companies that are doing big things in payment technology, and it's awesome to be able to collaborate with them. On day two of the event, we'll be presenting and including a big announcement. I can promise you, this news is about as juicy as it comes. Game-changing? Yes. Door-opening? Yes. Next-level? Yes. It'll be awesome if you're there with us to share in all the excitement. We make no promises on how entertaining our powerpoint slides will be - but can guarantee the information coming your way will all but blow your mind. The excitement level is at an 11.

Are you going to FinDEVr? Let's catch up! Whether you want us to blow your mind or simply want to hear what all the fuss is - drop us a line and we'll see you at FinDEVr.

Still need to register? Hop to it, we're busting at the seems to get this announcement out and want to you to be there to hear it!

September 30th - October 1st, 2014
UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco

Follow us on Twitter to get our thoughts from the stage and show floor.


Camille Brenkwitz Camille Brenkwitz on August 20, 2014

PayStand News

See you at The Money Event

When you have an innovative, market-changing product on your hands, trust me when I say you absolutely can't resist talking about it - to anyone, and everyone. This can begin to wear on your close circle of friends and family, but for the masses it often turns them on to your idea and expands your network of supporters.

Here at PayStand, we have one of those products. And, as expected, we simply cannot shut up about it. In yet another effort to shout from the rooftops about the amazing-nes of PayStand, our CEO, Jeremy Almond, will be speaking on a panel at The Money Event, being held at Super Mobility Week this September 9th, 10th, & 11th in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is no Santa Cruz, so while Jeremy will have to tear himself away from the breaking waves, he'll gladly share his thought leadership and knowledge of the online payment space with top level executives from the mobile, advertising, and retail industries at The Money Event. This conference aims to cover all things around the intersection of mobile and money.

This epic event will attract over 40,000 attendees from across the world. Knowing Jeremy, he'd speak with each and every one of them if he could. But alas, that's impossible. While we do like pushing the status quo over here at PayStand, the physical implications of that feat could prove disastrous. No, instead, Jeremy will address the hundreds in the audience of his panel on payment innovation.

Are you going to The Money Event? Let's catch up! Whether you want to disrupt the online payments industry with us or simply want to help Jeremy get to his goal of 40,000 - drop us a line and we'll see you at The Money Event.

Still need to register? No worries, PayStand has your back. We're very passionate about saving money, so naturally we have a great way for you to do just that: use coupon code Brochure20 with your order.

The Money Event
September 9, 10 & 11, 2014
Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas

Follow us on Twitter to get our thoughts from the stage and show floor.



Camille Brenkwitz Camille Brenkwitz on August 14, 2014

PayStand News

With $1M in Funding, PayStand Launches out of Private Beta

Santa Cruz, CA, – April 2, 2014 – PayStand, a next generation online payment solution, today launched its service enabling organizations to easily accept multiple payment options online, all without transaction fees to the merchant. By allowing eCash (Bitcoin), eCheck (ACH/Dwolla), and all major credit cards, PayStand is the first and only payments service to easily allow digital currency and more traditional payments all at the same time. PayStand’s all-in-one modern checkout works with any website, social network, or mobile application and eliminates the need for extra programming, additional software, or a separate merchant account. An organization can get started in under 5 minutes and can easily integrate payments into their website with custom branding.

Erica Zeidenberg Erica Zeidenberg on April 2, 2014

PayStand News

How to Customize your Free "WebStand" Page

Every PayStand account gets a number of included tools and features like 0% fee options, a free Facebook Stand (to sell and checkout directly in Facebook), and our website integration tools (both buttons and embeds) allowing your customers to checkout directly in your websites without leaving. On top of features like these - each PayStand customer gets a free WebStand page.

What is a WebStand?

A WebStand is a free website page given to each PayStand account at sign up. Your WebStand will show your PayStand item(s) and can be used in many ways. If you only have one item, your WebStand will automatically default to your single item's 'product page'. As soon as you have multiple items, your WebStand will default to a 'catalog page' showing your items in a grid as well as displaying any categories to help with navigation. From your catalog view any item can be clicked to go to that item's product page. Once your items (or payments/donations) are added to the cart , your customers can pay and checkout directly from your WebStand page. You can simply link to your WebStand from your website to create a store and checkout experience, or use your page as its own destination for payments, donations, subscription, shopping, digital downloads, and more.

How can your WebStand be used?

Your WebStand page can be used in multiple ways:

An extension of your Website: Link to your WebStand from your website for a checkout experience. Create your Store, Shop, Donation, Payment, Subscription, or Download page that links to and from your website. Because your WebStand can be fully customized, the experience is as if your customers never leave your site. You can simply put a link in your website navigation or buttons that links to your WebStand, and then customize your WebStand's header image so it links back to your website.

As a Website: No website? No problem. You can use your WebStand as your website. Need a website to advertise on Facebook or a place to collect payment for an invoice? Just use your WebStand's url and you are good to go. Customize your free web page and you're ahead of the game.

Your Default PayStand Site: A catchall PayStand page for your Smart Links. Each PayStand item you create comes with a Smart Link, its own embed code, and its own code for a button. The Smart Link can be shared on email, marketing material, business cards, on your website, ads, or your social networks. When this link is clicked on in Facebook it intelligently goes to your Facebook store (in order to keep people in a familiar environment). But when your Smart Link is clicked on from the web, it will link to your corresponding WebStand's item page. There will always be a place for people to make a payment and checkout.

Can I Customize my WebStand?

Your WebStand comes with trusted PayStand branding, but is fully customizable. From your dashboard settings you can easily change colors, add your logo, choose various store templates, and customize your background with large beautiful photos, colors, or repeating images.

Your WebStand can also be easily customized to match the look and feel of your website. From your WebStand a link of your choice can also be added to a custom logo in your header that connects back to your site for a seamless experience. Customers will feel like they have never left your website as they purchase and checkout. Full CSS customization is also available with a professional plan.

What can be Customized?

PayStand makes customizing your WebStand as easy as possible. From your PayStand Dashboard go to the "Settings" tab in the top navigation bar. From there go to the left side navigation bar and select "Theme Selection". On this page you will see the section for "Custom Design". For Standard Plan accounts and above you have the ability for full customization:

  • Custom Header Icon (125px x 40x)
  • Custom Header Link
  • Custom Header Color
  • Custom Background Image Uploader
    • Repeating Image
    • Stretch Image
    • Cover Image
    • Contained Image
  • Background Color
  • Custom CSS (professional plans)

Where else does my WebStand Customization Appear?

The customizations in your WebStand show up in two places:

1. On your free WebStand page.

2. On your website when you use Buttons in the InLine Direct Checkout. Unlike other services that allow you to put buttons in your website, PayStand gives you a direct checkout experience so you can keep your customers on your website, keep your branding, and your customers don't need to be members of another service to pay you.

When embedding a Buy Buttons, Payment Buttons, Donate Buttons, Subscribe Buttons, Recurring Payment Buttons, or Digital Download Buttons in your website, you automatically get a shopping cart that overlays your existing website. When a button is clicked or a payment is made an InLine Direct Checkout experience appears, which includes the customizations you performed in your WebStand settings. Simply by adding one of your item's buttons to your website enables the InLine Checkout receipt to appear from the right of your screen, neatly overlaying your website. From the InLine Checkout page your customers can view the items they have added to their cart as well as enter their payment information with PayStand's One-Click Checkout.

How do I get to my WebStand page?

Your WebStand page url:

Each PayStand has an account name. By default it is either the same name as your Facebook page url or can be customized with upgraded plans. For example, if your Facebook page address was your WebStand address would most likely be

You can also see your account name from your PayStand Dashboard. You can get to your Dashboard by going to and then by clicking "Log In" in the upper right hand corner. For your convenience when you first come into your PayStand Dashboard you will see a left sidebar with links to both your Facebook Store and your WebStand. You can always click on these icons to access your various PayStand locations. This is the same area where you can grab the embed code in order to place your whole PayStand into your website (as easy as embedding a YouTube video).

admin admin on February 28, 2014

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