The Future of Finance: Sage Intacct's AR Automation Revolution

Nov 22, 2023 by Zazil Martinez

CEOs face tech challenges streamlining operations. Paystand and Sage team up for a game-changing "Venmo-for-business" solution, using blockchain to simplify B2B payments. Say goodbye to high fees and old systems.

CEOs struggle to identify top-tier technology to streamline operations in today's business landscape. A crucial aspect of successful business management is timely payments. But, high fees and old systems can complicate modern payment and accounting.

Paystand and Sage have partnered to create a revolutionary "Venmo-for-business" solution. They are using blockchain and cloud technology to address this challenge. We aim to make B2B payments easy and free from your ERP system.


The Current State of B2B Payments

Despite advancements in consumer payment automation, B2B payments remain tethered to outdated systems. These systems involve high fees, disjointed applications, numerous spreadsheets, and cumbersome manual processes. The payment system before the Internet was expensive and took a long time in AR departments. Credit card fees alone can escalate up to 3.5% per transaction, exacerbating the problem.


Cost and Labor Savings Through Integration

Companies can integrate Paystand and Sage solutions to overcome challenges. These platforms can save money and reduce work by transforming B2B payments and collections.


The Paystand-Sage Integration Advantage

By integrating with Paystand, Sage Intacct customers can improve their daily AR and payment operations. Let's delve into the significant improvements this integration brings:


1. Manage, Reduce, and Eliminate Payment Processing Fees

Credit cards are a popular way to pay in business, making up about two-thirds of transactions. The 3% transaction fee is a high annual cost of as much as $90,000 on $3 million in revenue. The Paystand-Sage integration allows businesses to accept zero-fee, direct-bank payments on the Paystand Bank Network. Customers can choose the lowest-cost payment option and avoid extra fees.


2. Streamline Collections Process and Reduce DSO

If your business has a high DSO, you can use the Paystand-Sage integration to help. Late payments, reported by 92.6% of U.S. businesses, often lead to cash flow challenges. The integration adds payment links and "pay now" buttons to invoices to make collections faster. Sage Intacct customers can now use virtual terminals for faster B2B payments and more efficiency.


3. Apply and Reconcile Payments Instantly within Sage Intacct

Finance teams often struggle with manual reconciliation processes, but the Paystand-Sage integration can help. The system effortlessly matches payments with invoices and sales orders, applying them automatically. This system provides accurate and current reports in Sage Intacct by reducing labor costs. It empowers management with valuable insights into receivables.


4. Improve Security and Compliance with Built-in Assurety

Data governance and security take center stage in managing payments and AR. The Paystand-Sage integration prioritizes security, leveraging a PCI DSS Level-1 certified payment processor, two-factor authentication, and role-level access. Customer payment data is securely stored using Funds-on-File tokenization, ensuring peace of mind for companies and their clients.


5. Seamless Integration Process into Sage Intacct

Paystand's plugin makes it easy to integrate with Sage Intacct and has strong payment capability. The solution goes beyond providing multi-currency billing support. Here's a step-by-step guide for seamless integration:

  1. You can send an invoice to your customer using Sage Intacct. The invoice will have the Paystand "pay now" button embedded in it.
  2. Payers are directed to a privately labeled portal, selecting their preferred payment method.
  3. The system promotes using a free bank transfer method that avoids credit card fees and simplifies payments.
  4. The payment portal automates creating, posting, and reconciling deposits. Payment info is quickly available in Sage Intacct reports and dashboards.
  5. The solution has features such as scheduled payments and automatic alerts. It also has autopay and recurring billing, which makes things more efficient.


Unlocking Sage Intacct’s and Paystand’s Benefits

By leveraging the Paystand-Sage integration, Sage Intacct customers can transform their receivables and revenue processes. This Payments-as-a-Service model facilitates instant access to payments across Paystand's zero-fee bank network. Besides saving money, there are other benefits like scalability and better profits.

  • Time Savings. Cash application and reconciliation process automation saves finance teams valuable time.
  • Elimination of Transaction Fees. Businesses can save more than 50% on receivable costs by eliminating transaction fees.
  • Advanced Merchant Services. The integration has features for subscriptions, virtual terminals, and fee management controls.
  • Brand Customization. Businesses can customize the checkout, interface, and payment portal without much upkeep.
  • Fail-Safes and Support. Paystand offers troubleshooting support and service for insufficient balances, with fail-safes in place.


The Paystand-Sage integration is more than just a solution. It's a journey to financial freedom. Businesses can escape traditional payments, explore a more open financial landscape, and manage their money. Companies willing to change can reduce costs and improve processes with evolving payment solutions.

Revolutionize your B2B payments with Paystand and Sage. Experience the future of seamless transactions. Book a free demo and transform your financial landscape today.