You Now Have an Enterprise Blockchain

Aug 1, 2019 by Mark Fisher

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From the start, our mission has been to create a more open financial system. We’re proud to announce we have made a significant step toward realizing that future today.

Last year, we launched our own approach to enterprise blockchains to add greater security to the Paystand Bank Network. The blockchain creates a record for every transaction we process. That record can't be altered in any way, assuring transactions are valid and free of tampering. It’s a benefit only our customers have enjoyed using our zero-fee network. We call it Payment Assurety.


But payments were just the beginning. We believe that Paystand, companies in other sectors, and the world can all benefit from a more open, secure, and verifiable system. Starting today, you can use Assurety-as-a-Service to confirm any event, action, or identity in real-time. Your business now has an accurate way to prevent fraud and forgery.

If you have to verify the authenticity of an important transaction today, you can use a notary. This is a solved problem. But this practice is time-intensive, impossible to scale, and only as good as the humans that enforce it. What hasn’t been solved is how to accurately verify large volumes of data without human tampering.

That's what Assurety does. It creates a digitally notarized record trail that is secure, certified, and fully auditable. This is an important step in adding greater transparency to the financial system and the world at large. We call it Open Industry. And, in time, we plan to play an important role in shifting our systems from "don't be evil" to "can't be evil.”

Ultimately, the use cases for a transparent, verifiable record are practically endless. Here’s a sneak peek of what is possible with Assurety-as-a-Service:

  • Agriculture: You can digitize the buying, selling, and storage of crops. This can help you manage logistics throughout the agriculture supply chain.
  • Education: You can reduce plagiarism and fraudulent claims of un-earned credits in colleges. Today, these processes are largely manual and driven by paper documentation.
  • Food and Beverage: You can monitor the food supply chain to reduce the number of recalls, mislabeled products, and confusion over where contamination issues occurred.
  • Gaming: You can verify the exchange of in-game assets between players and create a secure way to track coveted titles, major cash prizes, and high scores and records.
  • Government: You can increase transparency and accuracy in public records and streamline processes like voting, filing taxes, permit applications, and more. Assurety can add transparency around chain of custody steps, revolutionizing chronological documentation, custody, analysis, control, and disposition of both physical and electrical evidence for all types of cases.
  • Healthcare: You can give patients greater control over their medical records and eliminate the possibility for bad actors to make multiple claims across different insurers. Tracking patient records over a long period of time can also enable providers to find better ways to deliver care.
  • Insurance: You can better track the exchange of high-value assets and use this automated collections process to make settling a claim as much as 3x faster and 5x less costly.
  • Music: You can make music fairer for musicians, songwriters, and producers by creating easily trackable, verifiable records of ownership over creative works. You can also verify whether or not royalties have been distributed to the right parties.
  • Real Estate: You can record, track and transfer land titles, property deeds, and liens, and ensure all documents are accurate and verifiable. Eliminating these paper-driven methods improves efficiency and reduces costs.
  • Retail: You can authenticate luxury goods to add additional protection from counterfeit goods and fraud. This also makes it easier to trace the source of items down to the customer.
  • Sports: You can track athlete medical examinations more reliably, which can help prevent long-term injuries. Doping is a serious issue in global sports today, and Assurety can stop bad actors from manipulating records to hide doping cases.

Additional Information

  • Learn more about Assurety's technology and architecture here.
  • Read the official announcement of Assurety-as-a-Service here.
  • Full API documentation with over a dozen Assurety endpoints here.


So, What's Next?

Over the next few months, we’ll be launching new products for accounts receivables, and more comprehensive features to support them. Paystand Assurety will continue to be a powerful foundation for us to invest in blockchain technology that enables commercial payments to not only be more secure but also have less friction.

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