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  • You need to know immediately when a payment is successful
  • Your customer needs a receipt automatically emailed when their payment succeeds
  • You expect to know when funds are transferred to your bank account
  • You need every transaction automatically recorded to your database
  • You are delivering your own branded experience upon successful payments
  • Your staff needs payment details but not access to your entire dashboard
  • You need to automate subscriptions and recurring payments

All the necessary data, sent to your inbox

Receive details of successful payments, refunds, withdrawals, transfers, disputes, and deposits, in any inbox, immediately.

Branding your emails

Deliver receipts to your customers, confirming payment was received accurately and timely. Extend your brand into your customers inbox by designing branded receipts.

Subscription Alerts and Scheduled Recurring Payment Updates

Emails automatically update you and your staff regarding successful (and failing) subscription and scheduled recurring payments

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Key delivery of all information to your servers:
Full details of successful payments, withdrawals, refunds - any and every fund movement - automatically sent to your servers in a secure channel
Your associate data points are included:
Every webhook and listener payload includes the associated data throughout the payment lifecycle.
Platforms and webhooks:
Webhooks deliver details of every financial movement on your platform to the endpoint of your choice
Front-end Listeners:
Control your branded experience by automatically sending details of any successful payment to your web app or page.

Add your Business Data to any Payment

Invoice Number? Customer ID? Attach your business' data to any schedule or payment, and it's a part of it throughout its life cycle. That data will also appear in every webhook or download of that schedule or payment.

JavaScript Listeners for any occasion

PayStand offers your web app, page, or front-end listeners for every payload and outcome of the payment experience, allowing you to deliver a better, branded message to your customers.

Platform user updates

If you're a platform, let PayStand send data updates of any financial change among your users, including alerts of suspicious behavior.

Powerful APIs for your Developers

Your developers can have access to our full suite of OAuth secured, RESTful APIs, allowing for the any level of sophisticated scheduled payments you need.

Create Branded Emails

PayStand can accommodate any design or special needs your emailed receipts require.  Alternatively, you can use your own emailing system, triggered by our webhooks and automatic updates.

Correct information emailed to the correct people

Designate any email address for receiving payment, refund, and transfer updates, so your staff knows immediately of any fund movement.

Webhooks in your control

Direct webhooks to any destination you need.

Secure and Compliant

PayStand is a PCI DSS Compliant company and we extend that security throughout all our products.